Monday, December 24, 2007

What is Right? What is Easy? - Albus Dumbledore


I was watching Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire the other night and caught Albus Dumbledore saying to Harry Potter, "Soon, we will have to find what is right and what is easy?".

I believe, that in real life... we always have questions!

Be it easy ones or hard ones, we always try to look for the right answer! RIGHT? Ya... right!

Hmmm... ntah pesal today i merepek-repek ni!

Ok... since Friday last week there's a problem nationwide with the Maxis broadband so let's recap what happened on Friday and Saturday!

Little Guapo playing with kasut sport Paksu dia!

Last Friday night, when we stepped in Angsa Bar, we were surprised to see a Santa Claus with 2 green Santarina. They were from Carlsberg and we were right on time before they started a few games for the crowd. Luckily there's only 2 tables occupied that time. So all the staffs yg sibuk (including me!) joining the games! Senang jer. So i got 1 Carlsberg lighter. Hehehe...

Staff-staff Angsa Bar yg noti-noti sumer! L-R : Ina, Julia, Zura & Carol (pakai panty stripe grey wif ribbons!!!) Muahahaha... proudly showing to people pulak tu!

Then on Saturday night, we had corporate dinner function at Sheraton Subang. Well organized and we finished at 11:15pm. After the function, we walked to Lake View Club to check out the place we're going to work starting January 1st, 2008. The place... hmmm... ok lar. Just for 1 month. Then we checked out Holiday Villa plak. Mak ai, ramai nyer orang. And i saw the ex-staff Hazami. And suddenly he said these to me - "Ko ni, pesal bila ada james mesti ada ko?" Hah? Ternganga den! Mamat ni tak tau ke aku dah kawin dengan james? So i simply showed him Little Guapo's picture and told him that we're married for 3 years already and my son is gonna be 2 years old in 3 months time! Nampak gak lar muka dia kemaluan sikit!!! Sukati ko lar labu....

Then i saw Kak Ayu wif Abg Zack and Zhie and Lina and David and Nazrin and a few other people that looked familiar but im not sure what's their name! So we just hang out same table wif Kak Ayu.

That time, Fredo was performing. Hmm... they're cool! 30 mins later, it's break time for them.... and DJ comes on for 15 mins then the Filipino band took the stage next! After singing 1 song, they called James to jam on stage. Selamat akak. Kot tak kena nyanyi gak. Pergh... tak mau den. Malu. Pastu, after a few songs, Farid ajak balik. So off we go home!

During break masa Function kt Sheraton Subang.

Si Pogi and me!

Sunday... nothing happened! Believe it! Just wondering...... =)

Today, Monday.... I just got back from bringing Little Guapo jalan-jalan in Summit Subang. Did foot massage and bought some groceries.

Tonight X'MAS eve. Another busy busy night in Angsa Bar.


and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashraf Hazique bin Samsul - 1 year old!

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