Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hahaha.... i sent out a last minute invitation last week Monday to all my skool frens for my birthday party on Friday night... i know it's last minute so i didn't expect much! I didn't even plan to do the party but Abg Idris insist that he wanna make a party for me! So as expected, by thursday only 3 people replied that they can't make it, and the rest HAMPEH! Yop got bowling tournament, Linda saying bz, Thina not coming. But still i booked a table for 10 pax. I also invited Mama & Nabil to celebrate wit me. I ordered a tray of fried singapore style meehoon. Abg Idris sponsored the cake, 4 tequila shots & a pitcher of Coke!

32 years old
1 December 2007

L-R : Sim, Bob, Me, Abg Idris (Angsa Bar Manager) & Mr. Tang

Backdrop made by Angsa Bar for me!!!

At the same time that night, Abg Idris called all the semi-finalists for the Dangdut Karaoke Singing Contest to sing & select their number to perform on their semi-finals! Alamak.... my party suddenly turned out to be a dangdut party. But if i can't beat em, join em! What else should i do?
Ni berdangdut time... Marissa (1 of the semi-finalists) singing GOYANG BALI.... apalagi... goyang je lar.... tu sebelah tu Santana.

Ini lah 3 kerat kawan-kawan aku yg datang. Thanks Marissa & ate Diana!! I love you guys! Tu yg sebelah kiri tu kakak aku lar... Mama.

The best part was at 12midnight, Abg Idris & Pogi announced my birthday and called me to cut the cake and the cake comes with 4 tequila shots. Mama didn't expect during cutting cake that i'm gonna call her too..... I called Marissa & Ate Diana to join me so that i can escape drinking all the Tequila!!! Padan muka korang! Wahahaha.....

Thanks to Sim, Bobby Gunjai & Zul for coming that night!

Overall... i did enjoy the night! Was a little bit tipsy that night! Luckily Mama & Nabil gave us a ride home!

Pogi - thanks for everything! Love you!

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