Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Women Entrepreneur Networking Hi-Tea & Charity.

Since i started the Splashes & Looks by AF Sisters online business 2 weeks ago, i never touched my guitar. Touched my ukulele once. Didn't get the chance to read the book Wye Oh Wye- Diary For Dédé yet. I have tons of stories to update on my blogs, but still haven't got the time. Didn't get the chance to watch my favourite tv series. Didn't play games. Didn't checked my "THE SIMS 3" family. Didn't get to do my monthly shopping yet.

Basically all my usual stuffs, i don't have time anymore. For the past 2 weeks, my daily routine has been filled with updating the online store. Or promoting on facebook & instagram. Doing direct selling including demos and makeup testing.

Dulu bangun tido, scrolling2 tengok apa citer best on fesbuk and instagram.
Now bangun tido, scrolling2 tengok ada inquiries or order product or not.

Dulu ai tak tengok fesbuk pun. Kalau tengok pun sekejap je.
Now setiap saat/minit/jam kena tengok fesbuk.

Dulu ai tak pernah update status fesbuk.
Now status updates ai banyak pasal product S&L by AFS.

Dulu inbox FB ai selalu senyap je. Ada pun pasal my sisters ngomel2.
Now inbox FB sentiasa penuh ngan inquiries and orders.

Dulu ai makeup, well sometimes, ada orang puji and ada jugak yang tak peduli.
Now ai makeup, orang mesti tanya apa product ai pakai.

Syukur alhamdulillah dengan perubahan jadual diri sekarang. Sibuk sangat, ai suka. Sebab ai tak pernah pun having a dream of opening an online store or dreaming to sell any beauty products. Segalanya berlaku too fast. Fast tak fast jugak la, sebab i've done the research (started as suka2 research sana sini), since 6 months ago, without anyone knowing about it. Not even J or my sisters or my mom.

It just happened. Secara tak sengaja i told my younger sister that i wanted to sell beauty products, but with one condition that she has to handle everything. I just give her the starting money only. It all happened so fast. The next thing we know, we were counting the hours and minutes to launch our online biz. And then, orders started pouring in. And then, the products are fast to sold out. And then we have to restock almost every other day. And then we added few more new products. ALL HAPPENED IN JUST 2 WEEKS. AWESOME 2 WEEKS.

I just wanna say to all my friends, followers, buyers, thank you thank you so much for believing in us. We are still new in this business. Still crawling. Still learning. We always try to give the best to all our customers. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And this weekend, 27 April 2014, Splashes & Looks by AF Sisters are going to attend the Women Entrepreneur Networking Hi-Tea & Charity in Bangi. Started in 2008, it's organised by Co Looks & Bloom. It's gonna be my first time attending a networking hi-tea event. We're trying to market our products outside from the social media network. Thanks to Kak Annie Razid, who's also the author of the book Wye Oh Wye- Diary For Dédé, for inviting us to be at your event.

Met kak Annie, whom i've known for more than 14 years, discussing further about the event organised by her this weekend.

Bought her book. 

She published the book on February 14. Known her for 14 years. She signed the book on 14.4.2014. 
J's birthday is 14 also.

Got my tickets to the event. 
Am very excited!

If you wanna go, still got time to purchase the tickets. Contact Kak Annie Razid at 017-3169128.



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