Monday, April 28, 2014

Jersey Boys Live in Malaysia

This is my 2nd time watching a musical theater at Istana Budaya after Puteri Gunung Ledang back in 2008 (if i'm not mistaken la).

This is also my 2nd time watching theater without paying anything for the tickets.  Will talk about that as you read on.

My big sister is the one telling me about Jersey Boys are gonna perform live in Malaysia from 15-27 April 2014. She was talking about purchasing the tickets, and me being a cheap skate, told her i will only go if the tickets are priced less than RM200. Heehee.

She said if less than RM200, we're going to be seated quite far up and can't see anything. So i told her, go ahead, cos she wants to buy the RM500+ tickets. Per person tau. Mak tak mampu. 

Tau tau je, tetiba dia share status on FB she won a free tickets giveaway by The Star. Ai pun apa lagi, terus like the Jersey Boys live in Malaysia page, waited for the next question which is after midnite on Sunday, and just gave it a shot laa...


This is the question i tried. Siap jawab 2 kali tu. And there's also my bro-in-law answering the question hoping to win a pair of tickets (which i know his account is always handled by my sis).

The questions are easy. All we need to do is answer and share the photo.

Waited until Thursday (closing date for the question), and then on Friday, my sister is the one telling me that i won. Almost jump for excitement until i found out i did not won a pair of tickets but consolation prizes je. A mystery gift. Sad. So sad.


Tambah sad, when my friend noticing that i've been sharing the giveaway photos, i guess she knows i really want to go watch the show, she said she can give me 4 tickets on the opening day. Say what????  Opening day was 15 April, Tuesday. I got work. She told me at around 2pm the same day. Couldn't find any replacement, i told my baby sis to bring mom to the show. It was RM400 tickets given to me 4pcs. And only 2 of them went. 

Thanks ya Fizah for the tickets....Muah!

And you can imagine la how stress and sad i was when i went to work that day. :'(

I tried again the following week question giveaway. Still hoping to win a pair of tickets.

At the same time, BSC also came out with a free tickets giveaway. Tapi kena bagi slogan why i wanna watch The Jersey Boys.

The question from BSC.

My sister and my bro-in-law (which is also my sis) slogans.

Aku copy pusing sana sini sikit, make a slogan, submit and wait for 18 April 2014 for the winner announcement.

and here's my slogan.

On Friday, while meeting with my supplier restocking my cosmetics, my sister again came running to me and showed me the following pic.

I finally won a pair of tickets.
And it's a VIP tickets.
Couldn't believe it.

And lagi best, my brother in law pun menang also.

On Saturday morning, did some makeup delivery and then terus pegi collect my tickets at BSC. Thank you so much Bangsar Shopping Centre.

On Sunday nite, 20 April 2014
Decided to wear colorful. 
Ootd - All unbranded. 
On face - cosmetics from #SplashesandLooksbyAFSisters on FB & Instagram.

I brought along J, of course.
Since my bro-in-law won the VIP tickets, so my sister gave her category A tickets to her son & daughter.

We're all ready to go.
We girls all using makeup cosmetics from Splashes and Looks.

More full body ootd pic of me.

Not enough. Another pic please Asu....

In the car, on the way to Istana Budaya.

With my bro-in-law's kids seated at the back.

All 6 of us, going to watch Jersey Boys with our winning tickets.

We came early. 
Show starts at 8:30pm. 
Cos we hafta collect our winning tickets and mystery gift 2 hours earlier. 

AF Sisters with our winning tickets and my mystery gift worth RM360+, a facial skincare from Cellnique.


We love Jersey Boys.

I love J. 
And i love this pic. Check out the background. It looks like painting.

With J.
His 1st time watching theater with me at Istana Budaya. 

Our seat at Grand Circle. High in the middle section.
J & me seated on the far right side.
Sis & Bro seated on the far left side.

Right before the show starts.

*no pictures can be taken during the show*

It was kinda disappointing seated at ROW G Grand Cirle, the sound system was terrible. It's a musical theater so there's talking and singing and dancing. During the talking, i can't really hear a thing. There's a lot of surround speakers on my right, at my back but the sound only came out from the main big speakers at the front of the stage. Wtf.

Luckily there was not many people seated at the Grand Circle. 
During the 20 minutes interval, we all transfer to the front a bit but still at Grand Circle. 

A bit nearer and clearer sound.

J & me, selfus.

End of the show.
It was fantastic.

Habis je show, we ran to the meet and greet area, hoping to catch all for of them and get their signature.

But we have to buy the program book at RM20. It goes to Bakasa Charity, but without the book we can't get the boys signature. 

Nampak x nampak x? Kata charity. Charity patut derma ikhlas. Tapi kalau xde buku tu, you takkan dapat diorang nyer sign. 

Nak tak nak, kena la beli. 

Tunggu2, tengok2 keluar si main cast Frankie Valli and one of the extra cast. Mak punya la hampa sebab nak sangat tengok si Tommy DeVito, mamat tu masam siut.

Pastu aku tengok, kira aku bernasib baik la Frankie gak yang keluar. Ada tu, cuma extra casts je yg kuar. Lagi hampeh. 

And then, aku tengok orang lain amik gambar tak bersentuh pun ngan diorang, kami amik gambar nak peluk saje. Huahuahua....

Tengok, Frankie (main cast) sign his name on top of his head on the book cover. Yang extra tu, sign nama kat corner tepi sipi2 buku je. Kesian....

The money for the book goes to this BAKASA Charity.

The facial skincare i won from The Star.

Masalah nyer now, i have normal skin. No problem at all.
Who wants this Facial Mask? 

Freegift - Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Overnight Masque RM149.

So that's my musical adventure of how i tried my very best to win the tickets so i get to watch The Jersey Boys Live in Malaysia.

Thanks to all the sponsors. 

After the show, all of us, including mom, has been listening to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Songs.

My favourite song of course, Walk Like A Man, Stay & Let's Hang On.

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