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How to slim down Fast and Easy way? there's NONE!

I took SD2 during puasa month. I wrote a post about SD2 here. Just right after i came back from Philippines. I gained some weights when i was in Philippines, i decided i need to shed those pounds i gained right before i start work again in August.

so i took 1st can, lasts for about 1 week. I lost 3kgs. And then Hari Raya came, i stopped taking for a couple of days, belasah all the nasik impit and rendang and all the kuihs.

Lepas tu i start taking again SD2, 2nd can. Minum punya minum tapi somehow takde turun gak. So what i did, i stopped taking SD2.


I know a lot of you people selling SD2 will get angry with me, but hey, i don't wana lie. This is me. It might work with some of you, but i stopped taking SD2 because i CAN'T AFFORD it.

It's too expensive. 1 tin RM150. It lasted for only 1 week. 

And please, dont get fooled with those people saying u can still shed those kilos even while you're eating when taking SD2. It's bullshit. Cos u still have to diet. Those people never tell the truth. Once you bought them, baru la all the rahsia come out.

While on SD2, u gotta STOP eating anything carbo - NO rice, NO potato, NO pasta, NO noodles, NO bread.

And then u gotta stop eating anything sugary - NO carbonated drinks, NO sweet candies, NO desserts.

So i did all those. I stopped my rice, i only eat dishes. Chicken, beef, veges. But..... it's useless, if you don't exercise. U still need to sweat to really lose those fats.

SD2 is so expensive and i know i gotta find another way to lose weight.

Here's what i'm doing NOW! Without any help of any diet pills or supplements or sapu lotion panas kebagai, i controlled my food intake. I remembered when i pierced my tongue 12 years ago, i couldn't eat solid food. My tongue was swollen, couldn't chew anything, all i can take was anything watery. SOUPS and DRINKS, and in just 2 weeks, i lost 10kgs.  

I told myself, if i can do it then, why not NOW? So at 152cm and weighing 150lbs, I'm on a soup diet. I eat anything soupy. Lunch soup. Dinner soup. In between breaktime during work also digging on soup. 

Memang tipu ler i kata 7 days a week i makan soup je kan, kekadang once a week, especially during my offday, i will dig sushi or anything that my mom cook! That includes rice and bread or potatos. Come on la, i ada gigi orang melayu, so, nasik tu mesti makan gak.

Dan lagi 1, i do exercise. Not in the gym, but just in the room (where i'm staying now, it's my hotel room, if i'm back at home next month, then i'll do just at home!)

"Naper ko tak pegi gym nina?" ko tanya, aku jawab, "sebab aku penah kena gelak, kena sengeh, kena bisik2 by some bullshit people who think they own the gym wtf when i run on the treadmill!"

Ya la, badan aku dah la macam gloria badak dalam citer madagascar tu, tapi aku berhak gak nak pegi gym, bukan nak kuruskan badan, tapi stay healthy. Tak boleh ke? 

So bila dah kena gelak cenggitu, i never stepped in the gym again (unless i need to teach dancing practice!).

Ok, back to exercise yang senang, and boleh dilakukan just dalam bilik, i found out about tabata workout from my beloved sister who is a fitness instructor in canada.

Before she told me about tabata, i HATE to exercise. So i said, diet diet gak, tapi kalau tak berpeluh, no use also. Tapi aku ni malas nak berlari berjogging. So i did pilates yoga and some weight training. Jangan ingat yoga tu tak berpeluh ok. Ce ko ulang 4 kali sun salutation, tengok la ko peluh macamana.

Ok, back to tabata, u can check this website -, the link is about history and what's it all about. 

Tabata is a workout that can make u sweat like a 1 and a half hour workout when instead u actually did 20 minutes je!

Confused?  Tak paham?
Tabata = 20minutes exercise workout je 

I usually start with some simple cardio workout just to start warming up. Simple x simple gak la, tapi i love doing 40 minutes walking cardio exercise (u can find a lot of help from youtube)

And then.... i start the tabata. 

All you need is a timer. (of course aside from a well comfortable gym attire and shoes). I don't have a timer, what i did i keep glancing at the seconds needle on my wall clock. All you need for every workout is just 20 SECONDS.

And choose 4 types of workout.

Workout 1: jumping jack

Workout 2: side squat hopping (hop across my yoga mat)

Workout 3: russian twist

Workout 4: burpees with a jump.

Then, you do each workout for 20 secs as fast as you can do. No reps, all out effort. Peak performance.

Then 10 secs break.

After 10 secs, do the next workout and repeat the timer for 20 secs.

Then do the 3rd and 4th workout. When 4th workout done, go back to 1st workout.

Repeat for 32 intervals. Each workout 8 intervals.

You can also hold a plank for 20secs to challenge your core.

In a nutshell, you can plan your workout any type you want to do but you have to know which part of the muscles you want to target. Ideally whole body (burpees) shoulders, jumping jacks, 2x core (tons of core exercise).

Do this 3 times a week. Note your weight before and after. Give yourself 6 weeks if you can find time to exercise 2-3 times a week, more if you can do less. 

Now i've done it for 4 weeks. I've noticed i don't get fatigue. I've build up some muscles on my arm. Still more to do... 

My sister said to get a buddy to do it with you. This way, she said when i feel like puking i have someone to push myself to not give up and finish the circuit.

She said the first time is going to be a big shock because of the, what else, shock to your body. Sometimes it can shut down and you have battle in the brain. This you have to have a clear brain to fight the battle. How do you know you have won, because you will want more tabata training!  SO TRUE.  

Now i'm doing tabata 5 days a week. And some weeks i feel i need to give a break, i'll do 3 times a week. The other 2 days, i just stick to walking cardio and weight training only. The simple ones.

And how do you decide your maximum when you exercise? Most people exercise at 70% of their maximum heart rate. You can use the talk test: 

At maximum, all-out effort, you should not be able to talk except to say yes or no. At mid-effort, you could probably utter a sentence or two. And at low, effort, you should be able to hold a conversation

Perceived Exertion Scale

• Level 1: I'm watching TV and eating bon bons

• Level 2: I'm comfortable and could maintain this pace all day long

• Level 3: I'm still comfortable, but am breathing a bit harder

• Level 4: I'm sweating a little, but feel good and can carry on a conversation effortlessly

• Level 5: I'm just above comfortable, am sweating more and can still talk easily

• Level 6: I can still talk, but am slightly breathless

• Level 7: I can still talk, but I don't really want to. I'm sweating like a pig

• Level 8: I can grunt in response to your questions and can only keep this pace for a short time period

• Level 9: I am probably going to stop any minute

• Level 10: I am shattered

I always do workout till level 9. So what level are you when you do exercise?

I don't workout to lose weight.
I workout to stay healthy.
If you think you workout to lose weight,
 you're gonna give up doing it.

p/s - go download WORKOUT TRAINER apps on android if you're lazy to do tabata on find videos on youtube about exercising. Workout trainer apps by is by far, the BEST WORKOUT apps i've came across. No need to go to gym. With workout trainer, it's like you're having a personal trainer training you in the comfort of your home/room!

p/s - For those who still wana try SD2, go ahead. It's good. If you have the money, why not. I just can't afford it, im not saying it's NOT GOOD. If 1 can rm20, yes, i'll continue, tapi pasal very pricey for me, i stopped. If you wana buy from me, email me. If not, i can recommend some other friends selling em. 

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