Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bubbles and Bites in Genting Highlands

I remember back when i was young, bila daddy bawak the whole family to Genting Highlands, we will have our own bekal makanan. Cos damn, makan-makan di Genting Highlands memang a bit pricey compared to KL. Even fast food macam McDonald's and KFC pun mahal than KL. 

We ain't rich people so u guessed it right la. Kalau datang Genting masa kekecik dulu, jangan harap la we can makan menghebat. Apa yang mami tapau bekal, tu la yang kitorang makan. Even makan roti kosong cenggitu je pun, aku ngan adik aku leh rasa roti tu macam ayam goreng.

Selalunya kitorang datang pun just to enjoy the cold weather je la. Tapi biasa la, bila kat tempat sejuk, sure nak makan, ya tak? Nganga je la kitorang!

So now, bila dah besar gini, dapat peluang keje kat Genting Highlands, given a good pay, good benefits especially food allowance, u can say that makan menghebat di Genting is not a problem for me and family anymore. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Contract dah nak habis end of this month, so mari ai citer sikit pasal one of the restaurants here serving good food, great ambience, good service. 

The restaurant baru renovated. Before it was known as Pizza Factory. Serving pizzas and chicken wings. After renovation, they changed the name to BUBBLES & BITES. Serving more than pizzas.

It's quite affordable. Sama price macam Chili's and TGIF cenggitu. 

Ni masa raya week holiday. Kyle was staying wit us. He loves pizza and spaghetti so almost everyday we had lunch at Bubbles & Bites.

Long stretch of FOOD display.

Senang ko dia letak segulung kitchenn roll on each table. Lap la mulut ko tu sampai bersih. Nak lap meja skali pun takpe. Senang sikit keje staff situ. LOL

Hamekaw, air sejuk pun dia bagi sebotol kat ko. Tak yah sususah ko nk jerit kt staff tu suh refill ko nyer air.

J making funny faces la konon.

BIG fries. Kyle making smiley faces with the fries.


Camwhoring dulu ar sementara tunggu food.

Errr, i forgot what i ordered just now la mummy!

What did i ordered just now mummy?

I don't know what you ordered kyle, but here's my soup.
Cream of Mushroom soup.

Cream of Potato soup

Bread & Butter pudding (i always have my dessert 1st before i start my main meal!)

Caesar Salad

Macaroni & Cheese

Peppermint Tea

Iced Chocolate

Kyle love this drink.

Beef something. Couldn't remember. J loves it.

My beef sandwich (with flash on)

pic with no flash

New Orleans Pizza

Turkey slice, mushroom, onions, sweet spicy sauce. Deli.... wait for it.... cious!

It's rectangle shaped pizza. Cut rectangle small pieces too.

Chicken Burger

Fish & Chips

J love the fish & chips. So crunchy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside.

Picture collage of Kyle and me 

The food shown on this posts were not taken on the same day. We went more than a couple of times already and picture taken separate days. Its crazy if we can dig the whole food if it's just the 3 of us. Hahaha...

So next time you come to Genting and wana eat western food, i recommend you go to Bubbles & Bites.
Cerita lain plak, there were so many kedai burger bakar opened in kl macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan, tapiiiii 1 kedai pun i belum dapat chance to go sebab keje kat genting kan. Tapi i teringin sangat nak tau apa hebat nao beger bakar ni. 

Jadi adikku yang baik hati itu telah pun buat beger bakar di rumah.

We bought all the main ingredients. Adun2, gomoi2, tepek2, bakar2, at last jadik gak beger bakar fuad style.

Why fuad style? Cos i brought home a lot of cheese from Philippines, my crazee sister go and put soooooo many cheese in the patty.

Ha, amekaw... cheese dalam patty, pastu topping pun cheese. Makan sampai nak termuntah. Tapi sedap giler.

Kito bako kito bako kita bako

Dengan side, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Asu, bila lagi nak buat beger bakar ni? Gua dah lama x makan beger ni! Hahaha.....

Piccadilly tea dance music

Jangan berlagak.
Jangan riak.
Jangan perasan.
(Muhasabah diri)
kita bako je, kita bako je!

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