Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sejak Opah Oppa Gampang Gangnam Style ni menular di laman sosial youtube dua minggu lepas, tak dinafikan terasa jugak fenomena nyer sehingga ke Patio Bar. 

Masya'Allah, masa Gangnam Style ni memula aku dapat tau, is from my son. Yes, from Mikail. As usual everytime i'm at home, i always put to KPOP video channel. Come out this song (i wasn't paying attention to the video), Kyle and Laila was actually moving their body to the song. 

Then the next day, keluar pulak kat radio Hitz FM. And Kyle again telling me, "MUMMY, THIS IS THE SONG! I LIKE THIS SONG!"

I tell you when Kyle start to like 1 song, even a return trip to Melaka we can hear that 1 song all the way in the car!

Ok, back to Gangnam Style in Patio, everynite since the song became famous, there will surely got request upto 8 times per set. 

J did a quick practice, we girls did a quick dance practice, and on monday 2 weeks ago, we deliver  the song. And i tell you, everytime the music start playing, the crowd went crazy screaming and clapping. And crazy as hell cos wen we finished singing to the song, people screaming for a repeat.

And yesterday, not only scream for a repeat, they even gave us money (RM100) to the repeats!!! Just imagine the song is on a repeat to and fro malacca and every repeats i get money? BAPAK KAYA! Wtf.

So, baru semalam we managed to take video of our performance.

I'd like to say credit to KPOPDANCETUTORIALS for the great dance choreography. People really enjoyed us bouncing up and down! Hahahaha...

Would appreciate if you could watch the video on youtube. Go here and don't forget to leave some comments!

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

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