Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok ok, it says 14 days challenge, but since i've fallen in love with it, i made it forever challenge! Boleh jer!

I think im one of the millions of people having problem to poop. Selalunya i poop 2 or 3 times in a week! Yes, that means ONCE in every 2-3 days. BAD! I know!

With my kind of work, woke up already almost noon, took breakfast at 1pm. Then lunch at 5pm and then dinner at 3 in the morning, wtf, then go to sleep, then the cycle repeats, and i pray hard that i'll poop, so that by next dinner, i can fill up my tummy with more food at 3 in the morning!

But SAD for me, it didn't work that way! Unlike my hubby and my keyboardist, everytime lepas makan, terus shoot ke toilet or comfort room, bak kata orang pilipin, to do their business! (Yes, pinoy people call toilet COMFORT ROOM!)

So i came across hanis zalikha's blog talking about 14 Day Challenge with Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink. I love yoghurt drinks. But i don't really know the function of yoghurt. I never knew that it can make me poop like any normal person, example my hubby James and my kibodis Wan, makan then poop, makan then poop, makan then poop, i jealous!

Jadinya, on 3 June 2011, i purchased 4 bottles of Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink at Tesco Kepong Village. Kalau beli 1 botol 700g around RM3.80 but if buy 2 bottles Value Pack, it's only RM6.80. 

Kata nya Nestle Bliss, we must drink at least 2 glasses of 200g per day. Aku tak tau byk mana is 200g, so i assumed that 700g sama ngan 2 and 1/2 glasses lar kan. So pandai2 la ko bajet hot tuang sehari 2 gelas.

What i did, i pakai gelas tinggi setengah botol Bliss. So, 2 kali tuang per day.
Macam2 perisa ada.
Kiwi, orange, mango, strawberry, mixed fruits, etc etc...

Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink is Good for DIGESTION cos it has Inulin & Live Cultures... 

wtf Apakah Inulin? 
It's fibre and helps increase intestinal Bifidobacteria and helps maintain a good intestinal environment. ("serat makanan" membantu meningkatkan Bifidobacteria usus dan membantu mengekalkan persekitaran usus yang baik).

So that explains why drinking Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink makes you easy to poop.

@@ Gambar berikut adalah hari cuti aku and jenjalan di Pavilion KL makan kat Dome with my sister and niece and Kyle.

Sejak amik Bliss, aku belasah jer segala makanan. Takde diet2 lagi dah. So i don't missed any kempunan nak makan2 makanan yang best best! 
Promotion kt Dome Cafe, buy 1 main course, the 2nd one is at 50% discount.
So my sister took this Spaghetti Seafood...

and me makan the famous CHICKEN PIE...

Selepas 6 hari dengan 4 botol Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink, my poop is like any normal people. Bau kentut pun ya amat! Aku sendiri tak tahan.

Pasal aku suka ngan bau kentut penghadaman aku, hari hari  poop tak pernah miss, lepas habis botol ke-3, terus aku gi tesco kepong village again and nak top-up lagi Nestle Bliss Yoghurt Drink.

I was hoping for the value pack still ada. Tengok2 dah takde the value pack. Tapi much much better pack, buy 3 bottles for RM11. Apa lagi, gua pun belasah sampai 9 botol. Expiry date sumer by 1st July 2011.

Red Velvet Cake
handmade with love by my mummy with cheese frosting.

*Oh ya, actually semasa dlm 14 DAY CHALLENGE tu, aku terkena STOMACH FLU... given by James.... Yes it's transferable, and very very sakit. I was thinking that the yoghurt drink is the cause of me sakit perut and berak2 cirit, tapi impossible sebab James yang tak minum the drink kena stomach flu few days before i kena. 

*What is stomach flu? Go here and read!

Harini, i've come to my last bottle of Bliss. Definitely tomorrow i'll have to top-up my BLISS :D


AkU LeRr,SaPE LgI.. said...

aku nyer digestion sentiasa hebat!asal mkn je poopoo..hik3x..suar aku pun dh kecik!

14 days challenge fake! said...

you are stupid beyond believe


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