Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harem pants tak ler ghope macam 'harrram'

I always thought I don't look good wearing harem pants.

I always thought harem pants look good only on skinny people.

I always thought of mc hammer and his song "can't touch this" video clip everytime i saw people wearing harem pants.

So I came across one kedai kat times square and the chinese lady boss is wearing the pants. It somehow looks nice and not that-gendong-taik-kinda-pants!

Of course she is thin but I decided to give it a try jugak.

I tried black color and decided to take 2 pieces. The other 1 was pink.

After 5 days, my sister bought 2 pieces also. And I bought another 1, which is grey color.

After my sis bought, my mum asked me to buy for her also. I went again just today, bought 1 green color for my mum and I bought 1 blue color for myself.

Becos I'm so much in love with the pants, I now have 4 harem pants! Sebelum ni aku selalu cakap "apsal bila aku pakai harem pants nampak cam harrrram je".

Kesimpulannya, belum coba belum tau daaa!

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Baby A. Fuad.... said...

aku pun nk beli gak la!!!hehehe..tp mesti x berpakai sbb aku x minat sgt.suar arab aku pun aku x suka sbb nnti celah peha aku melecet...hahaha

Skutik said...

kalau melecet celah paha, pakailah bedak dusting!! Hehehe....


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