Monday, November 22, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hot New Features

I'm feeling hot right now. I'm pregnant at 36 weeks, with the aircond at 21 degrees celcius, i don't feel a breeze at all.

I love being pregnant. I love feeling sexy when pregnant. People always say, pregnant women looks HOT! I do feel SEXY & HOT (even though i'm out of shape), but you know what will make me HOTTER? Digi Blackberry Torch 9800!

You know why Blackberry Torch 9800 can make me hotter?With the new features available on the phone, i'll definitely feel HOT HOT HOT!

Just imagine a phone that can turn Ideas into Action!

I find it's useful to all the bloggers out there (including me), cos i love blogging but i can only do it on my laptop. Just imagine, having that Blackberry Torch 9800, there's nothing quite like the web to kick start an idea with their completely revamped browser. With intuitive motions like pinching and zooming, and tabs that let you swap between multiple web pages, it's BlackBerry browsing at its best. Meaning i can swap between blogger, facebook and twitter. And i don't need to be in front of my laptop all the time!

And also since i sold my digital camera a couple of months back, i haven't taken any latest pictures of myself getting big and bigger during pregnant! So by using the Digi Blackberry Torch 9800, it comes with a 5MP camera. Not only that, it also comes with image stabilization, face-detection, auto-focus and built in flash. What more, after capturing the pictures, i can upload and share them straight into my social network accounts such as Facebook & Twitter. So my frens and family will have an idea of how i look like right now!

Multitasking is also another one of those things BlackBerry has been doing right, from the beginning. I've heard now they've gone a step above with multi-connectivity. That means my apps stay connected whether i'm using them or not. Regardless of what i'm doing, emails, messages, updates and notifications keep coming through.

What does GPS,Wi-Fi, 3G and 8GB of memory can do to you? It means a-phone-that-does-it-all to me! Or in another word - A COMPLETE PACKAGE! Now add expandable memory up to 32GB, 512 MB of flash memory, 512 MB of RAM and a 3.2" HVGA+ display. The Digi BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone is loaded with all the capability and functionality i need to get the job done.

But best of all is when inspiration hits, how i act on, it is up to me. Whether i choose the high-resolution touch screen, opt for the legendary, slide-out QWERTY keyboard or aim for precision with the optical trackpad, the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone got me covered.

Basically the above are only some of the features that will make me HOTTER! And what more, thanks to DIGI, staying connected ALWAYS with their SmartPlan won't make me left behind!



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