Saturday, October 30, 2010

Go Uniqlo

Have u heard of UNIQLO? I've never heard of it until all the twitterettes kecoh2 kt twitter about the new opening outlet at FAHRENHEIT 88 (formerly known as KL PLAZA) on the 4th of November 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.

So to find out, i googled and found Uniqlo website and they have a game where u just enter your starting address and follow the trail to Kuala Lumpur outlet and you might win a RM20 voucher.

i've tried to enter from Vancouver expecting the trail is long,
and banyak baju that i can pick up,
tapi i was wrong,
3 helai baju jer ada along the trail and no prize! :(
So, i try again and put from Morocco,
so come out 7 baju along the trail!

on the 1st t-shirt (from upper left) i clicked,
i didn't win anything.
2nd pants i clicked,
pun takde hapa.
the 2nd pants i clicked, came out gambar di atas nih...
skinny corduroy RM129.90 babe...
kalau i menang RM20 voucher,
boleh beli dgn harga RM109.90!

And then i clicked on the 3rd pants,
and here's what came out on my screen...
I've won RM20 voucher from Uniqlo.
Senang ajer...
Terus click kt email (for 1st timer, u have to sign up),
pop out the voucher dah!
This is my 2nd voucher.
Yesterday i played, dah menang gak!

Korang dapat coba 3 kali ajer, tapi kalau korang menang 1 voucher, korang share kt Facebook, Uniqlo tambah lagi 1 try. Tapi boleh dikatakan GUARANTEE lar dalam 3 kali COBAAN tu, sekali sure TERLEKAT nyer lar!

ini voucher yg i got!!

Bukan itu saje, kalau korang yang fanatic ngan Uniqlo (yang tak fanatic pun boleh join gak), korang pegi la beratur sebelum masa opening dia nanti kul 11pagi, 4 November 2010. 500 orang pertama yang beratur boleh dapat CHANCE to menang *All‐Expense‐Paid trips to Tokyo for two persons bebeh! Tapi bukan untuk 500 orang. Dia bagi utk 5 ORANG aje. Mak ngandong 33 minggu time tu, so i rasa i'll skip la nk beratur panjang2 gitu pukul 11 pagi! Mak tak sanggup, takut kaki mak bengkak lagi jer nanti!

*Subject to terms and conditions

Tapi jangan khuatir bagi mereka yang terlepas 500 orang pertama tuh, sebab Uniqlo memang baik hati nyer, they bagi 1000 orang pertama yang beratur akan dapat free UNIQLO original tote bag.

Tapi kalau korang TAK BERATUR GAK, bukan 1st 500 people, or 1st 1000 people, korang still can get the free UNIQLO original tote bag. Dengan syarat korang kena membeli-belah barang UNIQLO above RM200 in a single receipt dalam masa first four days of the opening (4 to 7 November 2010) and while stocks last.

And ada lagi... korang boleh gak anticipate an incredibly low introductory price for the following items, only available while stocks last:

1) UNIQLO’s graphic T‐Shirt collection, UT for only RM29.90 (usual price ‐ RM59.90)

2) UNIQLO’s high‐quality jeans collection, UJ for only RM49.90 (usual price ‐ RM99.90)

3) UNIQLO’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Fleece jackets for only RM49.90 (usual price ‐ RM79.90)

Dah dah, mak dah penat membebel nih pomot Uniqlo. Korang dah try main game dia belum? BELUM? Nah click link nih to start winning RM20 voucher!!!

And if you're on FACEBOOK (who doesn't?), go and LIKE their page to get updates!

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