Friday, September 3, 2010

Cerita Anak!

I seldom talked about my son, Kyle.

At 4 and a half years, Kyle will be getting a 'baby sister' soon. I still haven't sent him to any kindergarten (mabee next year) cos i've been home schooling him. 

I also noticed he's a fast learner. Taught him once how to change to cartoon network channel on Astro, and NOW he's the official Astro Remote holder of the house! 

His daddy taught him to do paper aeroplane once, then Kyle will teach me how to do it. 

I taught him how to write his name, now he writes his own name but all the letters will be shuffled. Sometimes he spelled his name M-I-K-L-A-N, at times it's K-I-A-M-L-I....

Since baby i've been singing a lot of nursery rhymes to him, but he still doesn't know ANY of the songs, but instead he composed his own songs. Jangan harap nak dengar dia nyanyi twinkle twinkle little star, cos he will come out a song on his own... tak kisah lar time mandi or poopoo or walking at malls or before going to sleep, he'll hum or sing something that nobody ever heard before. It's always a different tunes and sometimes i'll be singing along with him too even though i don't know the song cos the song is too catchy ;)

Talking still 'pelat'. He can't say 'L' and 'R'. Jenuh i teach him to say 'LaLa', and he kept saying 'GhaGha'.... cute. I told him it's 'BaLLoon' and he'll say 'BaWoon'. But others letters or words, he's ok.

Makan? Very choosy. Selalu nk bread and peanut butter ajer. Bagi nasik, tak mo. Tapi kalau ada sambal, licin pinggan. :)

Itu ajer la kot... banyak lagi progress dia tapi tak ingat sangat lar pulak. ;P

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