Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chili's & SimpliSiti

It's been ages since the last time i jenjalan kat One Utama. So last 2 weeks on Friday, told James, i wanted to look for kasut wedges. And also i mengidam nak makan STEAK. So we headed straight to Chili's for lunch.

I ordered can't-remember-the-name steak (there's only 3 choices of steaks), and james ordered a combo of chicken and ribs in bbq sauce.

We started off with a cup of mushroom chicken soup. It was delicious.

sedap ini soup!

Chili con carne comes together with the chicken & ribs combo!

BBQ Ribs & Chicken comes with rice!

my can't-remember-the-name steak

Iced Lemon Tea for me & Spritzer Mineral Water for James

Lepas makan the steak, i was disappointed actually. Sebab steak tu keras & tak juicy and takde taste..... tapi ngidam nyer pasal, i belasah aje. Lepas ni takde lagi la i nak order steak kt Chili's!

After makan, kitorang pun jalan2 cari wedges.... dah penat membeli ingatkan nak belah lar, tetiba lalu kat concourse Ground Floor old wing, ada promotion SimpliSiti nyer product. Memula tu just tengok2 jer. The salesgirl test macam macam product on my hand.

Lepas di test2, macam best jer product Siti ni.... so i bought lar 2 barang!

Supposed if i bought barang Siti up to RM120 and above, i can get free makeover, tapi that time dah rushing nak balik, so i think tak sempat nk makeover.

I beli the two barang ajer dah sampai RM80+. So dapat CD lagu SimpliSiti, poster siti and magazine URTV. Tak kesah sangat pasal the freebies, tapi yg tak sabar nyer nak test barang Siti on my face!

Balik rumah, malam as usual, time bersiap nk gi keje, i use the C Bright Exfoliant. It's like a scrub, taking out the dead skin on your face. Cool easy product. I love it!


Lepas exfoliate, before putting on makeup, i applied the SimpliSiti C Bright Simply 5 Cream....

It's a complete 5 in 1 cream.
It has 5 important element which is moisturiser, UV protector, foundation, powder & brightener.
It has smooth and light texture.
Application is very easy!!


So basically when i use SimpliSiti C Bright Simply 5 Cream, it cut short my time by 10 minutes. Selalunya i kena apply moisturiser, lepas moisturiser kena taruk concealer, lepas concealer taruk foundation plak, lepas foundation taruk powder.... perghhhh....

Overall, i'm satisfied with SimpliSiti product.

Lepas make-up.

Banyak lagi crita akan diceritakan...
Tunggu ya!

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart - Alicia Keys

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