Thursday, January 21, 2010

MAKeup tutorial video - leopard

Here’s my 2nd makeup tutorial video. It was Leopard uniform night.



inspired by this leopard colour!

Hope u enjoy this video…

List of items used in the video:

  1. Face Primer - MAC (original)
  2. Concealer – Maybelline
  3. Foundation – MAC Liquid NC35 (original)
  4. Face Powder – MAC Studio FIX NC35 (original)
  5. Eye-brow powder type – DAISO RM5
  6. Nose Shadow powder – DAISO RM5
  7. Black eye-liner pencil – MAC
  8. Black eye-liner liquid – DAISO RM5
  9. Mascara - STAGE Standing Ovation Black (got it for free!)
  10. Eye Shadow – 120 colour palette RM65 (bought from Sungei Wang Plaza)
  11. Blusher – DAISO RM5
  12. Lip liner – BLACK QUEEN RM3
  13. Lipstick – MAC ODYSSEY Satin (original)
  14. Brush set – 24pcs RM58 MAC real imitation bought online
  15. Contact Lens – GEO Nudy Brown
  16. Eyelash Curler – SHU UEMURA (a gift frm my sister's friend!)

You see, i always wear makeup every night before going to work. I believe that i don’t need to use expensive products to get nice outstanding face under the spotlight! Cheap things can do magic too!

Always remember to moisturise your face first before putting makeup!

I mimpi i kuar dating ngan hubby and makan kaki babi malam tadi, so what does that mean? I googled for tafsiran mimpi online, got mention about babi which means something good happening to me, but none about makan! Hmmmm….

LOVE HURTS - Nazareth

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