Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Makeup tutorial Video 1

I was inspired to do this makeup tutorial video by WiwitAnggun23 (catch her on youtube here), a makeup artist from Singapore whom i met a month ago when i was working in Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. At the time, i didn't even know she's a makeup artist. After knowing her thru FB, she actually did a great job with all the makeup....

Btw.... a lot of my frens has been asking me to do video tutorial on makeup.... being a singer at night, i usually play with lots of colors on my face!

So i gave it a shot yesterday, before going to work. I took a video. Made a few mistakes (using the wrong brush), disturbed by my son, Kyle and also hubby came out from toilet with a towel only (luckily he's NOT NAKED)....

but i edited the video.... and somehow it was cut before i put the blusher and lipstick. Well, what the heck, it's my 1st trial taking video....

I'm gonna take video again later before work, and will mabee post it again on my blog, tmrw, maybe!

So... enjoy...

Sorry no description on items i used, as its my 1st try.

Enjoy the video!

Blackberry it is!

-Blank -

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