Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the pyramid swallow the ayam penyet and got 3 birthday cake!


This time i wanna story my aktiviti from ONE WEEK before my 34th (hik hik) birthday!

STORY 1...
Date : 22 November 2009.
Venue : Sunway Pyramid

Seminggu before my birthday, Maseth (hubby's niece) & Oneth (maseth's hubby) came down to KUL from Singapore. So... it was a busy off day for me bringing them jalan2 sana-sini.

Dari Sunway Pyramid, makan kt Gasoline & having fun at Cadbury's Simple Joys to Life to buying laptop in Low Yatt Plaza to tapau nasik lemak antarabangsa !! All happened in 1 day! Tiring but fun fun fun!

Kelakar when i bawak Maseth makan at Gasoline Cafe for lunch, dinner pun dia nak makan at Gasoline again! Dia punye lar berkenan kt gasoline food!

3 of us

my favourite Cafe whenever i jalan2 in Sunway Pyramid!

my son, KYLE!

After makan lunch, we saw the
Cadbury's Simple Joys to Life
at the concourse area!
Just purchase some Cadbury chocolates,
you get ticket/coupon to play all the fun games.

Maseth trying her hand at scooping 10 Cadbury products in 1 minute!

Kyle is actually scared to come close to this
tiger mascot!

another games that we tried!

maseth is good with this horse shoe loop it game!

and here's what we get from winning all the games!
Puzzle, Notebook & Sticker!
This picture taken in the car, while they all go down
to tapau nasi lemak antarabangsa in Kg Baru!

Date : 29 November 2009.
Venue : The Curve

I finally get a phone after my classic Nokia rosak. It's a second-hand (frm Maseth)! They bought in the Philippines, P2000. So it's about RM150 i think. It's touch screen. 2 sim card.

Nokia E71s
have u heard of it?

The following weekend after Maseth & Oneth went back to the Philippines, James, Kyle and me decided to bring Kyle watch movie, Astro Boy!

We watched at e@Curve. Bought tickets then off to Waroeng Penyet at Curve! I couldn't remember when was the last time we makan there, so after waiting 20 minutes for our food to arrive, surprised to see that the chicken is big (again)! But after eating Ayam Penyet Ria at Bandar Sunway, i still prefer the Sunway Penyet's Sambal!!! Delicious!!!

waiting for our food!

the cam-whores!

kyle, the youngest cam-whore!

Waroeng Penyet at Curve
Ayam Penyet

James ordered Ayam Panggang
sedap the sauce!

after makan, we walked back to the cinema,
Kyle start running around...

still running around...

still running and teasing me!

in the end, after running so much,
he tripped and fell!
Hahahahah.... padan muka anak mama....
lari2 lagi!!! ngahahahah!!!

"u think after i fell down, i will stop being cheeky, mama???"
"why don't u snap a photo of me on the escalator?"

going to watch Astro Boy!

in the cinema... the love seat!


the next morning,
sorry too much light, morning face is ugly!

Date : EVE of 1st December 2009.
Venue : Crossroads Lounge! Working with D'Art Band!
Remark: Received 2 birthday cakes from Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur!


There's a guest named Pascal,
also having same birthday!!!
He cut the cake and never gave me even a slice!!!

but Sara was sooo nice to gave me another whole cake for me
(after i complaint to him i didn't get any cake cos Pascal took mine!)

And this cake is from Melting Pot staffs!

ALWAYS in <3

My birthday is WORLD AIDS DAY!
1st December 2009.

Got another cake from Concorde Hotel again but this time sharing with Anne frm Peach Apple Tree Band. We share the same birthday!!! :)

Sedappppp.... =)

fooling around with James!

before last set!


and the next day, i get Ayam Penyet Ria
a birthday present from Mas & Wan!
Thank you darling!!

So did i buy Lenovo Notepad for my birthday?
Hmmmm... was having second thought cos my laptop is still in tip top condition, should i buy a new one? I already have buyer for my Acer laptop now but i feel sayang to sell la pulak. We'll see..... !!!

Didn't get any fever since i start working at Concorde Hotel.
But now i feel body heaty, teary eyes, headache, tired, SICK!
Oh gawd, please make me healthy as i need to work! Amin!

TERUSKANLAH - Agnes Monica


Honey A. Fuad.... said...

wow...rindunye ayam penyet!!!

ni yg buat aku ngidam je ni...kehkehkeh...

Skutik said...

aku pun rindu gak... tapi aku sendiri takde masa nk gi makan itu penyet. Itu hari pun kira nasib lar dapat makan!!! huhuhu!


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