Sunday, November 29, 2009

i'm a heartbreaker!

Gambar BONUS!!!

Here's something i'm longing to write since years ago.

Ini dah masuk kali ke-8 we worked at Crossroads Lounge Concorde Hotel KL.

Even though this time banyak muka-muka "regulars" baru (boleh panggil regular customer ke kalau diorang baru 2 tahun menapak kt crossroads? hmmm.... tak kisah lar), the long-time-serving-regular-customers still ada datang and watch us performing when we started again for the 8th time!!!

So, i expect, kalau dah nama tu regular customer, i thought u knew about my status!


Let me gelak 1st, sebab memang kelakar!

Ok.... flashback sikit ye....

Last 2 weeks, i was sitting at the bar during our 3rd breaktime with Ady my guitarist and Navin the soundman. Suddenly came this 1 gentleman asking for some ice from the bartender. While waiting for the bartender to fill up the ice bucket, this gentleman (trying to be gentle lar konon), started to talk to me. So i said i'm the singer, and he said he's always at xroads for the past 15 years, and i told him i've been performing on and off for the past 8 years and i've never noticed him being a regular customer.

I got his name and remembered his face and his looks, since he said he's a regular customer (part of my job is to remember the customer's names!)

So last night, he came to xroads again. Memula i saw kawan dia yang MEMANG i kenal dah lama, since i started at xroads. And kawan dia ni pun memang dah tau sangat2 pasal my status. Bila im about to start my last set, mamat yang gentleman ni tetiba muncul depan entrance tiger corner masa aku berjalan nak ke stage. Saw him, said hi and he invited to sit at his table for a while (i still have 10 minutes before i start the last set so what-the-heck!).

Masa duduk tu lar, dia pun mula meng'ayat' aku. Aku pun heran gak kt mamat ni. Kata regular customer, naper still nk meng'ayat aku? So i kept talking, chit-chatting.

Suddenly soklan2 dia mula melencong.

Tanya i "bila your off day?".
I said "Sunday".
And he ask "what do u do on ur off day?"
I said "i stay home".
And he said "why stay home? We should go out for dinner?"
And i said, "I seldom go out on our off day, cos that's the day i want to sleep sleep sleep!"
And he said "Ok, why don't we go out for lunch?"
Again i said "when i work at xroads, i have no time for myself! We finish work late, and sleep at 5am, wake up at 2pm, and then practice a bit, and then by 6 got to get ready to go to work!"
And i proudly told him "sorry i don't have a boyfriend cos I'M MARRIED and have 1 kid"

Ha... amik ko!

His jaw dropped. I don't know whether dia termalu or not.
Then he asked "So who's your husband? What does he do for living?"

Again I LAUGHED!!! Hahahahahaha

I told him "JAMES IS MY HUBBY!"
And i told him "I thought you told me last 2 weeks that you're a regular here for 15 years and all your friends knew about me and james, so i expected you to know about me!!!"


Member termalu kot.... but i don't know. Luckily i only have 10 minutes talking with him. Sebab lepas tu it's my turn to start work!!!

Hmmmm... Actually banyak lagi mamat2 yang seperti beliau di atas. And ada tu yang dah tau i'm married with james still nk tunggu aku tu!!! Dono whether they gurau or serious, but sorry babe, i'm not available, i'm happily married and hopefully i'll stay this way forever!

Couldn't believe at the age of 34, married and having a 3 and a half year old boy, i could still break someone's heart???? WTF LOL

I remembered one mat salleh back in 2003 (masa tu baru bertunang ngan James) kept telling me that i'm a heartbreaker when he found out that i'm not available!

Happy Birthday to
AILIN (my beloved eldest sister)
SARAVANAN (my BFF from Concorde Hotel)
on 28 November 2009

Paper Gangster - Lady Gaga

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