Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not a shopaholic!

Was rushing to Philippine Embassy this morning to get hubby's new pasaporte. I know the embassy opened from 9am - 12pm. We left the house at 11 sharp and reaching at Pusat Bandar Damansara, there was terrible traffic jam. Setiap 5 saat, brake, i decided to go to Jalan Kuching. There was traffic also but not so bad.

Usually we can reach the embassy in 30 minutes but because of the jam, we reached at 10 to 12 noon. And there's a CLOSED sign at the gate. Hubby went down asking the guard why they close already when it's not even 12 noon. The guards ignored him and told him to come back at 1:30pm.

Apa mau buat?

I went to park my car at KLCC, jalan gi CORUS hotel to tengok the Loreal Warehouse Sale.

Borong kaler rambut BLACK RM10 aje.
Borong shampoo & conditioner ELSEVE RM10 each.
Borong hair serum ELSEVE RM20.
Borong MAYBELLINE concealer RM12.
Borong GARNIER facial wash & moisturiser cream RM10.
Borong LOREAL Hot Curl spray RM10.

my shopping bag

Ada gak lipstick, powder, mascara plus all the cosmetics from Maybelline and Revlon, but i didn't buy any of em cos 2 years ago i went to Loreal Warehouse Sale in PJ Dataran Hamodal and bought almost RM200 plus brg2 cosmetics and till now still ada lagi. Ada setengah tu dah buang dah pun sebab macam mascara, kering semacam jer... rugi rugi!

Lepas penat borong, kitorang duk melepak tepi satu corner, and look back at all the products we took. Saje nk membuang masa before we go back to the embassy at 1:15pm. Lepas dah puas belek-belek & kira-mengira, we paid and walk back to KLCC and pegi balik to embassy to collect the pasaporte. Hubby were the 1st one at the counter. Tak sampai 15 minit, dah selesai.

sambil membelek & mengira budget!!! hahaha

walking back to KLCC!

Lepas amik pasaporte, pegi Ampang Point thought of going to do massage tapi macam dah lambat plak. So patah balik to Aman Suria, sent my car for waxing while i did body massage at the nearby massage parlour!!!


missed KYLE so much!

HATE THAT I LOVE YOU - Neyo & Rihanna

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