Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Beauty

I was just talking on my previous post about me waiting patiently for Yani from to review black colour lipstick.

Tengok-tengok hari ni sudah keluar cerita black lipstick. Yang i jeles nyer, she gets to wear the latest Black range from my favourite cosmetic brand - MAC. Woohoo.... (jeles takde ler jeles sangat just jeles sebab tak dapat nak imagine how she looks like in black lip color cos her skin is putih).... hehehehe.... but i'm not sure if the range is available now at the outlet, i baru tanya Yani and still waiting for her to reply.

*why i didn't get updates about this black range from MAC on my sms ya?*

Masa my hair light brown colour, i used to put a lot of colours on my eye shadow and wearing different shades of lipsticks mostly red & brown. Tapi bila i changed my hair to black, bila pakai eye-shadow many-many colours rasa macam tak kena. So selalu lar i make smoky eyes (senang jer, tenyeh black color & kalau nak lighter sikit dark grey). Tapi lipstick still red & brown. Just imagine kalau i get the BLACK LIPSTICK from MAC kan? Ish ish ish.... tak sabar ni!!!!

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