Monday, June 1, 2009


We finished working at GTWO FUN PUB last Saturday, 30 May 2009, after 9 months working contract (the management said we broke the record as THE LONGEST PERFORMANCE from a band in KELAB PUCHONG UNITED!).

Kelakarnya bila the customers asking where we're going next, i would tell them, "AFTER 9 MONTHS, IT'S TIME TO TAKE MATERNITY LEAVE!" LOL.


Berbalik pada crita keje, supposed we get a new CONTRACT in a *hotel in KL (the *place where i used to work repeatedly for 5 times!). They actually dah confirm signing our band to work in June (probably 3 months contract lar), tapi last minute, they asked to change our line-up (band members) and then another minute asking us to audition (watafak, dah 5 kali main kt hotel sama pun still nk audition ka? DOL!).

After negotiating this and that (mainly budget lar!), in the end, THEY said because of economy crisis, they can't afford to pay 3 bands like they used to!

BUT, if everything goes well, maybe they will sign us to work in July instead!


So now, since last night, B'Tru Band has been club/pub hopping working. 1 day here, 2 days there, 2 days everywhere. Hahaha... (For more details mana i keje, click here)

It sounds tiring, but i love what i do, and amazingly, the pay is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than contract!

Today, i'm not working. Lepaq.

Paid a visit to Marissa who gave birth to a VERY VERY HEALTHY baby girl in Gleneagles Intan Hospital this afternoon. (sambil2 tu amik berkat jugak..... TERINGIN SANGAT BABY GIRL!!!)

Misha's baby girl
weighing 4.24kg
1 June 2009

And then, after came back from Gleneagles, thought of going to Citra Sari Spa behind my house to relax (they're having a great promotion for their "SRI CERAH" package, normal priced at RM280 but now only RM150 for 2 1/2 hours), but masa tak mengizinkan.... sebab tonight ada date wif Pogi. Nak gi jalan2 KL town!!!

So maybe tomorrow jer lar i'll go to spa!!!! WOohoooOOO....

Let's do a calculation here....
9 months at Puchong Club minus
6 months booze nightly equals to
1 month on strict diet,
meaning no booze????
Target to lose 10kg in 4 weeks!

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