Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Mama, encing!"

I'm so so so excited. 

Lil Guwapo dh tak payah pakai diaper lagi dah! Ye'ay!

He started potty training last week. First few days, he always pee in his pants. As a parent, i hafta be patient. Sabar sabar. Tapi luckily everytime he peed in his pants, always on the floor, not on the carpet :))

I kept reminding him, "wanna kencing, go toilet!". He will repeat after me, "encing, toit (pointing to the toilet)" (that's how he'll say it!)

Since last Sunday, he always called for us when he wants to pee. 

And everytime he wants to pee, he'll run to me and said "mama, encing!"

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