Monday, December 1, 2014

I am 39

I slept early on my birthday eve because of joining the #BatikFunWalk2014. Will post about the event soon. 

Walaupun tido early, I woke up every hour bcos of new bday messages received on my watsapp. 

I have deactivated my Facebook account (for some reasons), I thought xde la watsapp2 bagai from people who doesn't know my bday is today. I never showed my bday on fb. So I was expecting messages from my cousins and close friends only. 

I was wrong. My dear J put up a message on his fb profile that it's my bday today. And suddenly 15mins to 12 (I was already sleeping), berderet2 message masuk wishing me bday. From people that I haven't talked and see for so long. Surprise2. Lagi tacing Mak Mcm ni. 

Well, this is just the start of my 39th birthday. I'm going to celebrate with my whole family today. 

Thank you again for all your wishes! 

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