Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I do when I'm stress?

My kind of work, and lifestyle usually doesn't make me stress. 

But lately, everytime I'm having PMS, my stress level has gone haywire. Wtf. #40sSyndrome 

So here's a couple of things I've learned on how to handle stress level FML

1. Meet up with your friends, a lot. 
I've been meeting up with friends a lot lately that I totally broke up with my stress level, at least for a while. Although I don't tell my friends that I'm stressed cos I don't want them to be stressed too. Why do u need to burden your friends with your problems? Just spend time and chat with friends a lot! 

2. Love your family! 
When you're stress, don't ever ever ever throw tantrums to your children. 
You are stress, but your children shouldn't take all your pain and hurt and your angry moods. They are kids. Throw your tantrums to something else. Painting or drawing is a good way to show your mood. Believe me, even if you're not good at painting or drawing, the white piece of paper will become a piece of beautiful art! 

3. Go out shopping or do it Online! 
I rest my case. Nothing else to say. Shopping is the best stress therapy! 

4. Just Cry your heart out! 
You don't need a shoulder to cry on. You have the floor for prostration to اَللّهُ. 

5. Black out! Not pass out! 
Do yoga and meditate. Blank your mind. You'll feel lighter. 

6. Think Happy! 
Happy times. Happy memories. Happy songs. 

7. Workout
You get healthier body and mind. You happy. 

8. Sleep it off
Good luck with sleeping but if you wake up every hour thinking, just go to step 10!

9. Sing and Dance 
Put on loud music and dance like u don't care. Oh, don't forget to sing along if you know the words! 

10. Pray
Tadah tangan dan berdoa byk2. 


It's hard to break up with stress! Stress is like the overly attached girlfriend always clinging to u. SAD. 

But u just need to know how to handle it. Stress can give u lots of sickness especially high blood pressure. So be careful. 


*steps listed above are not guaranteed can scram your stress away. It's just some tips that was helpful to me when I'm stress. 

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