Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Movie Talks - Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014

This is NOT A REVIEW of the movie.

It's just me TALKING....

  1. Before you watch the new Captain America The Winter Soldier movie, please go dig out your downloaded Captain America: The First Avenger movie and watch it. Cos you're gonna get confuse (like me) when watching The Winter Soldier.
  2. Please watch with someone who really wanna watch the movie. Someone who is older. If you have a kid under 5 years old, you might wanna get your kid to sleep the moment the movie start or stuff your kid with lots of food. 
  3. I did not understand the movie sangat, cos i fell in love with Steve Rogers. Steve Rogers ya, NOT Captain America. Captain America cannot see his face much because of the mask. I kept saying "hensemnya, hensemnya, hensemnya" while my Mahal is seated next to me. (sorry Mahal ko, Chris Evans is really daymmmmnnnn..)
  4. I did not enjoy the movie too, cos the cinema hall is damn effing cold until my nose is numb. wtf
  5. If your son loves having his food with tomato ketchup, please bring along the ketchup in packets you get from any fast food restaurant. Son merajuk halfway thru the movie cos he wants to eat his cheese hotdog with tomato ketchup. Sighhhh...
  6. At the end of the movie, there's always gonna be a sequel to it. 
  7. Do not trust anyone!
  8. And CHRIS EVANS really daymmmmnnnnn....
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FYI, i did bring my jackets everytime i go to the cinema.

And i give 5 stars to Chris Evans and 4 stars for the whole movie. You should watch it. 

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