Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was in dayre then I get bored

Harini, Tuesday 18 March. 

Started my day not as early as yesterday. Went out at half past 11. Went to jalan pasar, my mahal nak beli cable baru for my microphone receiver. And then he also wana look for a new microphone head. He wants the silver color as his phone dah jadik shining with bling2 so katanya da black head dah x matching2. Ada jual kepala mic rm5 sahaja. Malang sekali it is small. Jolok2 tak nak gak masuk.

I told him, be a little bit creative. Just buy a silver color spray paint and then paint the head. He said he might think about my idea. 

Lepas gi jalan pasar, we went to my swarovski supplier to buy more stones for my microphone deco. Haritu beli x cukup. Ngeeee. 

Balik rumah, Mikail said dia sakit paler. Gave him panadol and then tido. And the  weather was raining and windy and cold. I fell asleep too. Nice! 

Oh ya, I have been blogging in dayre. Now trying to figure out how to transfer all of them to blogger. Hmmmmm. 

#swarovskielementsforsale #swarovskicrystalsflatback #swarovskiDIY

Ini cerita semalam ya! 


Started my day early at 10am. Hehe, I know some of u might think, wat the f this girl said 10am is early? Yes, to me, who always in bed till 10am, that's early to go out and about ok! 

Right, 10am drove to Re'Birth Nail Salon. Bought a mani pedi package for 2 on groupon last Saturday. Appointment kul 11 tapi sampai kul 10:30am. So we dok makan breakfast at Hainan Kopitiam. 

Berdesup makan pastu 11am start doing mani pedi. 

Went with my sister. 

Oh, lupa nk bagitau, the nail salon is in Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1, Kepong. Groupon deal package for 2 at only RM70. 

Package for manicure - with gel nails (aside from the usual manicure). But I didn't do gel cos I don't like to have long lasting colors on my nails. Ni esok2 I padam la. 

For pedicure - ada spa skali. Masa dia taruk the electric warmer booties, aku dh mula rasa mcm best je kan kalau ada warmer booties tu sendiri. 

Sebab I always told my mahal that wenever I look at my face, I have the face like a 28yrs old girl, but everytime looking at my kaki yang dry and wrinkled and rough, I feel like i am 50+! Grrrr.....  #truestory

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