Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rolling In The Deep

This is the latest video of me singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele. It seems that this song is still a hit at Bixby Pub, Lakeview Club Subang Jaya.

Masa keje kat Genting, lagu ni pun tiap-tiap malam request. Balik ke KL, ke Bixby Pub, pun sama gak. Almost every night sure ada request rolling in the deep. Tak lagu rolling, mesti request lagu Set Fire To The Rain. Nasib baik bukan mak yang nyanyi Set Fire. :P

Video taken by Chong, one of the regular guests at Bixby Pub.

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By the by, pada sapa yang merindui diriku, boleh la datang ke Bixby Pub, Lakeview Club SUBANG JAYA.  Boleh peluk cium me to yang sungguh2 merindui ku! Ecececeh... (untuk yang pompuan je hokay!)

I was glad that most of my old time frens from school and ex-office mate came on my 2nd day working. Patut la mata kanan mak kedip-kedip for 3 days masa kat genting. Nak jumpa member-member lama rupanya.

To ila and bob (ex-officemate), thanks for coming ngan anak-anak ko yang gorjes itew.

To my die-hard fans, amir and sarafiz, 1st day aku keje kt bixby, depa berdua dah ter'choih' dalam club. hehehe...

To jambul, ida, ben yang datang 2nd day together with amir and sarafiz, thank you so much.

To my twin, Syerine... i love you very strong.

To G, dang! ... is all i can say. hahaha...

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