Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photo Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1"

I've been having this SGTab for almost 3 months but i never actually use any of the apps i installed. All i did is 24/7 playing FASHION STORY #addiction.

until recently i've started to get bored playing FS, and i decided to play with the only 1 photo apps i installed which is PHOTO GRID.

Its more like an apps to make photo collages.

masa i beli dh ada Pre-installed PHOTO EDITOR which is a basic crop, resize, rotate, color adjustment, filter, frame apps i've used since i bought this tab. So usually after i edit using photo editor, then i make a few pictures into a collage using photo grid.





these 4 pictures above i used photo editor and photo grid.

Then i started to explore more photo apps in the market and found CARTOON CAMERA.


white strokes fx used in photo #5.


cartoon fx

There's also dark strokes and colored edges and sepia. Only 5 fx available. .

and then there's LOMO CAMERA. And one thing about this apps, its not so user friendly cos only back camera can be used. Aside from that, they have only 6 kind of effects - lomo, rusty, paper, dreams, polaroid and film.

#7 dreams

#8 rusty

#9 paper

the best photo apps is PICSART

#10 almost all fx on this pix

#11 simple pic fx

it has more effects, more than 10 including lomo and vintage, it has callout, text, draw, sticker, clipart, add photo, frame, border and mask.

so what photo apps are u using? Tell me!

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