Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gelish Nail Manicure

It's been 6 months sudah i work in First World Hotel, Genting Highlands.

Selalunya kalau me-time-pampering services i always do in genting usually massage je, aside from coloring my hair last month.

Tak pernah terpikir nak buat manicure and pedicure kat genting highlands ni. (mentioning the name genting je, orang dah pikir yang $$ (harga) kat genting ni sure mahal gila).

And who would have thought that a massage parlour (or should i say outlet), ada provide manicure pedicure services?

*the Healing Touch i go is at First World Hotel, 1st Floor just opposite the carpark lifts!

Usually i do my manicure in Glossy Nails at Tesco Kepong Village, tapi i dont wanna waste my offday going to nails salon cos i'd rather spend time with my kiddos.

So last Saturday, i gave a shot to try out the Gelish Nail manicure kat one of the Healing Touch outlets (there's more than 3 outlets kat Genting Highlands ni).

Well, of course u hafta make reservations 1st (i dono whether u can walk-in), i came on friday 3 February konon nak terus buat manicure ler, tapi depa kata kena book. So i made reservations for Saturday 4 February 2012, 2pm.

Saturday, i went down 5minutes to 2pm. After telling the manicurist that it's my 1st time doing gelish nail manicure, she explained to me that it takes about 2 hours to do the nails.

I said i can stay up to 6pm, just go ahead do my fingernails.

I leave everything up to them, from choosing the colors, to doing the art and placing the diamonds.


Selalunya for my toenails, i never like them to have any colors. So they just do the callus treatment, mask, cuticle treatment and smoothing, costs me about RM148.

Nao let's see the pictures.

 The prices for Gelish Nail Services

Price for other nail services

Soaking feet area

Pedicure/Manicure section

Waiting for my manicurist to come!

Angela doing my nails

I only put 2 extension nail, both on my pointy fingers.
The rest of my fingers are my nails.
1 extension nail costs RM35.

Done 1st step of gelish nails.
As i told them to just put watever color, they ended up putting PINK, the one color that i hated most! Sheeeshhhh

reminder to self : next time choose your color NINA!

Actually when this process is done, i can actually walk out,
but i wanted my 1st-time-gel-nails-to-be-really-outstanding-and-all-out!

She drew roses on my nails.
Again i hate flowers!
I kept telling Angela to do a simple lines or dotted drawings,
and she insisted on drawing the roses on my nails.

The prices for nail art is according to the size of the drawing.
This nail (on extension) has 2 roses costs me RM8

1 rose RM 4

Putting diamonds and stones on my middle finger.

wiping/cleaning all the excess,

Very the gegirl....
hate em!

I have demok fingers... ya i know!

Point finger - Extension RM35 Drawing RM8
Middle finger - 1stone RM1, got 10 stones = RM10
Ring finger - RM4
Pinky finger - RM3
Right hand total price - RM60

Point finger - Extension RM35 Drawing RM8
Middle finger - 1stone RM1, got 10 stones = RM10
Ring finger - RM4
Pinky finger - RM3
Right hand total price - RM60
BOTH HANDS TOTAL (drawings & stones) = RM120

(all paid with tips money, hehehe!)

Amazingly, right after 1 hour i did my nails, the extension on my left point finger PATAH!
I supposed to go down again to do again, but i haf no time dah, gotta get ready...

And after 1 week, i still didn't do again the extension!


J.A.D said...

mandi basuh berak segala tanggal tak? menarik gak nampak. tapi pat ratuih kt kuku? oh em ji!

Skutik said...

ana, mandi basuh makan cuci paler sumer ok. Tak tanggal. I had it for 1 week (period time je).

Part berak tu, please tell me u dont wash ur bontot ngan kuku?!!! Right?? No??

Hahahaha, i dont know bout u, but i basuh berak pakai jari jemari bukan kuku, kalau pakai kuku, i cant imagine the taik stuck in my nails... ewwww.... lol

u very funny!

J.A.D said...

ye la. soalan kalau tak masuk part berak tah syiok maa.. tu blm tanya korek hidung, korek telinga. hahahaa.


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