Thursday, February 23, 2012


Who doesn't LIKE CHOCOLATE? 


From chocolate bar, chocolate cake, chocolate milk to chocolate pants bread!

and when body shop came out with a limited-edition chocomania body butter, i just knew i had to get them.

The range for chocomania (as i could remember ya... ) are 
  1. Body Lotion, 
  2. Body Butter, 
  3. Body Scrub, 
  4. Shower Cream, 
  5. Body Soap, 
  6. Lip Butter (out of stock).
there's a promotion for sets of chocomania. Any 3 chocomania products ranges from RM34.80 to RM161.70.

I took the set of ...
  1. Body Butter
  2. Body Scrub
  3. Shower Cream
Costs me about RM130. And with that total, my membership is automatic renewed (expired 2 years ago).

Paying time, the salesgirl told me to add another RM20 & i could get RM15 cash voucher which i can use for my next visit. So i thought what the heck, i took 2 body soap total up to RM151.00.

Printed the receipt with cash voucher, i told the salesgirl, i want to use the RM15 cash voucher and so i took the body lotion from Chocomania range!

Paid RM30 for the body lotion (n.p RM45).

4 products from Chocomania. 
Would love to have the lip butter since i stayed in Genting i always have dry lips, but the girl told me it's the best hot item and it's out of stock... #damn

  • Body Butter
  • 48 hours feel good hydration
  • Easy application
  • Not sticky
  • Use at nite before sleep (but i use it after shower, before getting ready to work)
  • My favorite

Body Butter RM59.00

  • Body Scrub
  • Should scrub twice a week only (not for daily use)
  • Very oily feeling wen using it. Even the floor feel slimy after using the scrub.
  • Thought that i don't actually need this scrub, but after using 1 time, OMG, i've never felt my skin sooooooooo damn smooth ! #Seriousshit i became #addicted to it!
  • Now i was thinking can i use the scrub daily? lol, wtf
  • Suddenly became my favorite after body butter
Body Scrub RM59.90 (a MUST buy)

  • Shower Cream
  • Nothing much i can talk about this shower cream.
  • Use daily.
  • Seriously, i still love the scrub, wtf.
  • Bought it cos it comes in the set of 3 items.
Shower Cream RM24.90

  • Body Lotion
  • Use daily (i use this all the time, even after applying the body butter)
  • Easy to apply
Body Lotion RM45.00

Body Soap

Moringa RM10.90 (smells good)

Body Soap

Strawberry RM9.90 (smells good too)

And bodyshop will be having Friendship Day event from 24-26 February 2012. There will be 30% off for Members when u bring a non-member friend. Friends will get 20% off. Yeay!

The following pictures has nothing to do with Chocolates or Body Shop...

I never shopped for any branded clothings ok. Especially not for my uniform. But on the same day i bought the chocomania, my band supposed to wear red pants and i only have 1 red pants and it's in the laundry.

Got no choice, went to the Genting Mall, from 1 shop to another shop to another 1, couldn't find the red i want. Until finally i went in COTTON ON, there i saw RED PANTS (long and short). Took each 1 of them, tried both, love the long pants, but don't have my funsize, so have to go with the shorts.

Bought the red shorts at RM69.90. #seriousshit

The BIG COTTON ON paperbag

Started to make up using my favorite white pencil liner bought at Guardian for RM15.90
Kawaii Contact Lens RM25 bought at Sungei Wang Plaza.
Eye lashes RM8 from Sungei Wang Plaza.

Grey & Red theme for the nite.
Eyes also grey color lah.

Pakai red Cotton On shorts with black stockings and my favorite RED MOSCHINO PUMPS RM79.90

new addiction - SIMS FREEPLAY on android (installed in my SGTab2)

Another addiction - CHESTNUT
Rich in fiber and makes me kentut allllllllll the time.
I'm lovin it!

Saw these clouds from 4th floor First World Hotel Tower 1.

I feel like i'm in CLOUD 9.

We're above the clouds.
Anxiously looking for THE CARE BEARS.


No CARE BEARS can be found.



Isn't good if i see these bears on the clouds... sigh!
They're just so cute

at hou mei restaurant, eating my favorite Hou Mei Special Noodle Dry.

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