Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Laila Elena @8 months

She supposed to go for her 8 months clinic checkup on 8/8/2011 (last week monday), but i totally forgot aout her appointment daaa....

So smlm we bawak her to the clinic, just check berat and panjang dia je....

The last she went for her checkup masa umur dia 6 bulan (that was in june). Her weight was 6.41kg and panjang dia 67cm. Smlm checkup berat dia 6.48kg and panjang 68cm and BMI dia turun from 14.6 to 13.5.

Dont panic! She really makan a lot. But maybe because she started to crawling everywer and standing everywer and walking everywer while holding the sides of the sofa or tv cabinet or the table that makes her berat tak naik sangat kot!

Tak kisah la, yang penting laila elena sihat alhamdulilah syukur....

Her next appointment is in october plak.

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