Monday, January 24, 2011

15mins Mini Skirt

My aunty, Momma Anum from Australia was here from 30th December 2010 till 22nd January 2011. She was bz shopping here and there, visiting relatives here and there. A few days before she's leaving back to Australia, i asked her whether she knows how to sew a mini skirt, cos i know she sew most of her blouses and leggings. Amazingly she said skirt is the easiest to sew. She told me to bring a sample skirt, and i kept forgetting until her last day here in KL (on Saturday), i begged her to show me how to do it.

She took a piece of paper, took out a measurement tape and start measuring my figure (lemme just keep it to myself ya), while my mom pegi selongkar kotak atas lemari dia mencari material (kain) yang stretchable. Memula momma tunjuk gitu2 je, tetiba mummy ku came out with a pink colour cotton stretchable material. Cun...

Momma took the material, start showing me how to do it. How to measure it. How to cut em. Until how to sew em. And she showed me everything in less than 1 hour. She said if i'm already a pro (like her), i can make the mini skirt in 15 minutes. She sew them until jahit getah pinggang, pastu i continue jahit bahagian bawah skirt tu sebab momma start potong template untuk buat leggings plak sebab still ada kain lagi.

Again, the procedure is the same, take a sample leggings, put it on a piece of paper, measure my body, follow the sample's crutch part (for leggings the crutch part is the important part), measure the length, etc etc etc, told me where to start sewing, and voila, i finished a legging in 1 hour.

So yesterday, mummy, my sister and i pegi ke Jalan TAR pagi2 at 10am, on a mission to look for lycra material. Bought 5 colors (for my uniform when i start singing again next month). All plain colors. Bought each color 1 meter. Black (1 meter RM15 after 20% discount, plain lycra), Orange (RM13 per meter after 20% disc, plain lycra), Pink Purple (also RM13 per meter after 20% disc, plain lycra). All 3 colors bought at NAGOYA Jln TAR. And Blue and Orange Brown (per meter RM17 Cotton Lycra), bought at JAKEL. Of course after buying the materials, u hafta buy the thread according to the colors also ya.

Came back home to CV, rest for 30 minutes, and then i start cutting (template already made by Momma) the black material 1st. From cutting, to jahit tepi, to jahit getah pinggang, sumer i buat. But i failed sikit part sewing kat bahagian bawah skirt sebab kain lycra bergulung2, susah nak jahit. Kena bukak balik jahitan, and i asked mummy (sifu) to sew for me. All in all i finished in 1 hour. Belum pro lagi maaa... itupun silap jahit beberapa kali :D

After jahit the black, rest for 1 hour, then i continued with the blue plak. Same procedure. Finished in 1 hour.

I still have 3 more colors to do mini skirt and the balance material for black and blue, i'm gonna do leggings. Takde masa smalam to finish everything. Penat.

So here's a picture of the 1st skirt that momma anum taught me how to do.

skirt on the left (bling bling) i bought at Times Square.
skirt on the right (pink) momma taught me how to sew it.
saje nak tunjuk how similar both of em.
Yang beli tu RM10 jer. Tapi ada sikit ketat and pendek.
That's why kena buat sendiri so boleh ikut measurement kita.
Kalau nk carik yang plus size nyer, harammmmmm.... bukan main susah nak carik!

Gambar bonus :

Mikail lukis ini gambar on his doodle.
His daddy is sooooo thin and carrying sister Laila Elena.
While mummy is big and round!
Smart boy!

ini pulak gambar kucing kitorang Ming Ming and anak2 nyer, Cheeky and Chess.

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