Friday, October 22, 2010

Follow me on twitter

I did cancelled my account on twitter before, because i find it kinda lame when i can only access twitter from my lappy (yes u can access from ur smartphone, but my phone is not smart enuff last time until recently!)

But with the NEW TWITTER.COM, i can even tweet using SMS, if you are using Maxis line. That makes me sign up again to join twitter.

*tweeting using Maxis SMS is free for the first week. Followed by RM1 per week charges!

I just signed up last night. And now i'm busy following/stalking/looking for people to follow. After 12 hours, i've followed 54 people.... and only 2 people followed me back... ngeeee...

If you wanna be my stalker, then follow me at

THANKS in advance!

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