Thursday, August 12, 2010

Laila Elena Sumilang

Semalam (11 August 2010) gi monthly checkup kt klinik. Kebetulan ada doctor. (Klinik Kerajaan Ibu dan Anak Segambut tak selalu ada doctor, kena buat appointment).

So lepas nurse check heartbeat baby, they said i can do scanning. Jumpa doctor, doc soal selidik sikit basic family and all, she said ok ready to scan my tummy!

I'm 21 weeks sudah. 5 months kira bulat. Baby's healthy, forming very well. I saw the backbone, the head, the hands and the legs. Lastly i asked the doctor for the gender. Doctor scan and scan, selak sana, selak sini, after a few hmmm and ahhh, she said it's A GIRL, but still have to do another scanning at 29 weeks to double confirm the gender!

Alhamdulillah, the baby's 400gms sudah. I just need to do another glucose test sebab gula naik to kiraan 7! Hmmm.... mestilah naik kalau lepas minum air gula segelas !!! 

So now, it's officially confirm i'm carrying a GIRL. And the name will be LAILA ELENA SUMILANG. Thought of putting my name instead of ELENA tapi i takut tak serasi plak anak ku pakai my name. So ubah sikit lar jadik Elena.

*Maybe i will go to a normal clinic and do scanning again. Nak tunggu doc buat scanning masa 7 bulan nanti lama lagi. Hehehe....

*Semalam also the 1st day of Ramadhan. I survived my 1st day. Hopefully the following days until 1st Syawal i can tahan puasa. Insya'Allah.


J.A.D said...

nice name!

Skutik said...

Thanks Ana...

I've always wanted to put my mum's name if i have a baby girl! Hehe!!


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