Tuesday, June 15, 2010

STABILO Swing Cool.... Lasts Longer!

I remember back during my skool days, i don't really use much those highlight pen. And i know STABILO has been in the market for such a longggggggggg time (hint - since 1855).

But now, as a singer, i have all the colors of the highlight pen... especially from STABILO. It's great to highlight the parts where i supposed to do my back-up singing.

Now my son, loves to grab all the highlight pens and did some drawing (he has his own crayons and pencil colors but he still prefer using them pens...). And i tell u, when he started using them, he just doodle doodle and doodle and being a normal 4 year old kid, closing back the cover/cap after finished using them, is not what they do best!

Luckily now, STABILO came out with a longer life usage of the highlight pens.... It's called SWING COOL! How long can it last when the cap is off? 7 HOURS! It won't become dry. Great aite?

And what more, Stabilo has also launched 2 fantastic challenges where you can win lots of GREAT PRIZES!

Winning is simple, easy and fun. Just join the STABILO Swing Cool Word Challenge or the 7-Hour Shopping Challenge to bring home great prizes.Play and WIN. iPhones, notebooks, PSP, and RM 7000 cash to give away.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Click on the following link to know more!

Don't just waste your time getting online on FB without winning anything! Try it.... Join the fun! Who knows you might win an iPhone!

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