Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lori untuk disewa

I'm moving house next monday.

Moving to a house nearer to my mom's in KL. Since my dad on the wheelchair, staying here in PJ is kinda far for me to pay him a visit, and with my son taken care by my mom, only once a week jer dapat jumpa anak! Sighhhh...

So.... i'm glad to say that i have started packing sudah and now the house doesn't look like a house already. :)

Just to share with y'all, that if you're looking for a cheap lorry to rent for moving house, call ANDY at 0123915042. Of all the lorry to rent i called (believe me, i called 7 numbers), only this guy gave the cheapest price and very friendly!

Now, going to continue packing.... taaaa...

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