Monday, January 11, 2010

DIY Studded Hairband

I went to this bazaar one time at Zouk last year and saw a couple of things (bib necklace & studded brooch or hairband) that caught my eyes and fell in love with it. But because of the price to expensive, i decided to do it myself. I've actually asked my sister to do a bib necklace but she did it halfway. Pasal apa aku suruh adik ku buat? Sebab aku tak ada masa (masa keje kat Concorde lar). Since now im working at Kelab Puchong United, 2 hari OFFDAY tak tau nak buat apa, so i buat lar project crafty i that i called "PROJECT KAMIKAZE".... hehe...

Since i've bought the studs last year, so i decided today i mesti pegi shopping barang2 lain yang diperlukan untuk buat the studded brooch. Well actually i nak buat studded shoulder pads macam si Adam Lambert pakai dlm video clip lagu "For Your Entertainment", tapi i belum potong the base to do it. Lagipun i rasa i should start with something that's easy to do (macam experiment dolu ar)...

So... today, mum, Kyle and me drove to Klang town to buy the maniks and the kain tebal for the base. Why Klang? Cos it's cheap! Actually i can buy in Semua House KL, tapi kalau nk masuk that area on Sunday, pening kepala.

Ok... sampai in Klang, i bought all the things needed to do the brooch/shoulder pads and i spent about RM30 macam tu lar... including some of mum's stuff actually!

Balik rumah, i dig out again my "magic craft bag" (dlm bag tu macam2 barang ada from jarum halus to maniks).

I started doing from the cutting (no measurements, main hentam jer), when the juara lagu 24 started (around 9pm).... and i sew and sew and created and sew till the end of the Juara Lagu that's at 11:30pm!

Its supposed to be a brooch but i saw its more nicer to put on my hairband. So voila!!!

Next project - a pair of DIY Studded Shoulder Pads =D



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