Saturday, November 14, 2009

RIP Tatay Lucrecio Sumilang

It all happened soooo fast. Tatay Lucring, my beloved father-in-law has passed away on 7 November 2009 at 5:30pm.

Just the week before he was talking on the phone with James and reminding us that his birthday is coming this 23 November, that he's turning 84 years old, that he was doing fine!

And on the 6th November (Friday), we received THE ONE call that we're afraid to answer!

The call that says Tatay Lucring is not feeling well!

More worst - when we got the call, they said he's in ICU. And what's even worst than more worst? HE HAS 24 HRS TO LIVE. He was on life support machine.

How did it happened? My sister-in-law doesn't even wana talk (either don't wana or cannot).

James were strong thruout the day & night since he found out about his father! His family told him to come home and they'll wait for him before they pulled out the machine. With our working schedule and our work, i told James, he has to go home.

Saturday morning at 10am, I checked the available flights to Manila, and since SUNDAY is our off day, the only available flight for James to take is Cebu Pacific flight at 0120hrs, 9th November (Monday). We were at the hotel and James walked to Wisma Cosway to purchased the flight tickets. Returning back to KUL on Tuesday 10th November, 2009 at 2055hrs.

Saturday makes us more tense. We're soooo takut to received any calls from Philippines.

BUT 1 hour before we start working (at 1745hrs, 7 november 2009), JAMES phone rang, and bila dia jawab, dia NANGIS, i knew already that TATAY LUCRING passed away...

I was putting on my make-up, down with tears, trying to be strong but i just couldn't.

That was 1 Saturday night that we were working and showing our happy face, but inside no one knows how sad we were!

Well.... the last time i saw Tatay was in May 2008, that was the trip James, Kyle and me had holiday for 1 week. That's the 2nd time Kyle saw Tatay at the age of 2. That's the 1 week that Kyle were soooo close with Tatay even though he never knew Tatay that well. That's the 1 week Nanay tried to carry, talk or play with Kyle but Kyle always run to Tatay.... It was all about KYLE and TATAY cos the other only time TATAY saw Kyle was when he was only 4 months old!


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Firmani Ibrahim said...

RIP to Tatay.. harap Nina n Jamies redha atas pemergiannya


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