Monday, September 28, 2009

Vivo Viva Vavi? (Tongue Twister Time)

After how many days i tried uploading, now only successful....

The last time i took videos of Kyle, i sendiri tak ingat lar. This video taken on 2nd day of Raya. We went to Times Square shopping after visiting mum at the hospital.

To keep him quiet while we went shopping, his papa bought him stickers of Ultraman. And before we went home, he said he wanted to eat pizza.

Saw a restaurant called VIVO at LG Floor. It was 9pm.

After ordering, while waiting for Kyle's Pizza, he kept asking me to put the stickers on his body...

Tengok lar Kyle ngan ultraman sticker nyer!

Pictures taken at
VIVO restaurant
LG Floor
Berjaya Times Square

Hubby drink Power Juice &
my favourite Cafe Mocha!
Kyle drink water jer...

Hubby ordered these...
chicken parmigiani???
i forgot the name, hehe!

Kyle ordered the pizza
additional pineapple + RM3!

I've got to say that the food is just OK.... I just tried 1 slice of Pizza and i still prefer Domino's :) and i'm sure Kyle would agree with me :))

Hubby said his food was OK too. I guess when ur hungry, lauk tak sedap pun boleh jadik nalerekek.

Satu jer i tak suka about the restaurant.... Dia nyer seating settings ntah hapa-hapa da.... Dah lar berterabur setting nyer... pastu d wall divider sikit nyer tinggi. Just imagine, we sat by the wall and the divider was so high that i have to raise my hand to call for the staff. Pastu bila nak bayar nyer time, again i raised my hand sikittttttttttt nyer lama cos the staffs tak alert! Karang aku siut mcm tikus tak syiok lar pulak ek?

Im not sure if i'll ever go back to the restaurant again!

butul butul COVER LINE,
seating ni bagus untuk orang nak 'beromen'
(bukan Omen hantu tu ya!).... hahaha

can u see any staffs around?

The cashier counter pun takde orang...
ish ish ish!

Yay, no more shifting from place to place,
from tmrw night onwards,
we'll be stuck at the CROSSROADS!

Paper Gangster - Lady Gaga

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