Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crita Raya 20.09.2009 la Pulak!

Malam raya, kami sumer memasak lauk-pauk. Mum's menu this year - Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, Gulai Daging, Kuah Lodeh, Sambal Sotong, Kuah Kacang, Ketupat Palas & Nasi Impit!

We finished cooking by 12midnight.

But before cooking, we played bunga api. Errr... actually anak-anak kami pun main bunga api gak tapi tak sempat amik gambar sebab bz jaga diorang main.

mamapangit & mamaganda

Di pagi raya plak, i setup my laptop 1st thing in the morning. Cos my sister in Canada said she wants to hear the takbir raya. So after setup, chat sekejap, then get ready to beraya!

muka not enuff sleep!!!
wake up soooo early!!!

Dah selesai get ready, we all pun bergambar-gambar sebelum beraya.

Pogi & Mamaganda

And while we all taking pictures, my sister in canada was still on Skype. It was a virtual RAYA for them. Kesian.....

Yang bestnyer, me was stoopid masa beraya time. As usual Mum start 1st. Every year, it was an emotional moment lar.... hehe, i was focusing the webcam (while sis still online), on the table. It was quite far. I konon nk kasik kakak ku emotional sekali, i lifted my laptop. Suddenly the cable tercabut!!! Hahahaha... the best part tersensored lar plak.... Kelam kabut i go online again.... by the time my laptop on, the beraya scene dah habis.... HAHAHA... lawak-lawak... terus aku minta maaf frm Adique.

Sekarang mari kita melayari gambar-gambar yg diambil di PAGI 1 SYAWAL 1430H.

ini hanya lakonan sahaja!
the real ones is a mess!!! Hahaha

susah nk ajak Kyle bergambar skali.
Ini pun dia senyap-senyap climbing on the sofa behind us.
luckily Eddie dah ready nak snap jer!

kyle wana pose sorang jer!



finally a picture that everyone's smiling!

papa's boy!

After we finished beraya, suddenly Mummy told us she's not feeling well.

Due to her constant preparation for hari raya - sewing, cooking, cleaning, she felt pain on her chest & on her left arm + on the back of her upper neck.

It was all symptoms for mild heart attack. Hubby checked her blood pressure. It was very high. We just asked her to rest 30 minutes. Then hubby checked again, it was lower a BIT only. We told her to sleep and rest. She woke up after 2 hours, she ate and watched TV. Suddenly, she told me, she wants to go to hospital.

Asu & Sam brought her to GH. I stayed at home taking care of the kids. Because she has diabetes & high blood pressure, her risk of getting heart attack is high. She was then admitted for 1 night.

Later i'm going to see her during the visiting hours. Hopefully she's fine by then!

more pictures will be put up soon!

We Made You - Eminem
(cos i'm watching VMAs '09 when i'm typing this post)

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