Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Ini post dedicated to my hubby celebrating his __th birthday (just fill in the blank). Mati lar aku if the whole www knows dia punyer umur!

well this year's birthday celebration for Pogi dengan family jer. No friends sudah kami ni!! HUHUHU.... but it's ok.... we still have our family!!! Alhamdulillah!

1st birthday celebration at my home!
date - 14 August 2009
time - lunch
the menu - just these cupcakes!
the people - Asu, Ashraf, Sofia, Kyle & Me
cupcakes specially made by my sista
check out her blog for more pictures!

everytime we celebrate birthday,
the kids pun tumpang sekaki nk blow the candles!

2nd celebration at mum's house!
date - 18 August 2009
time - Lunch
the menu - Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api, Kari Telur, Sup Ayam, Sotong Goreng
dessert - Cappucino Cheesecake frm Secret Recipe
after makan lunch (terlupa nk amik gambar!),
we had cake blowing session.
Again, the kids are the one excited.

setiap kali birthday cake candle blowing session, mesti kena ulang sampai 4 kali.
sebab bebudak ni sumer pun nk blow jugak!

my eldest sister's new crib,
penthouse on 25th floor...
tinggi gila......
and i kept my sanity because of my beloved family!

1 comment:

Honey A. Fuad.... said...

gmbar cake tu aku suka!!!! ni yg mcm nk cupcake ngan brownies je ni... ekehkehkeh...


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