Friday, August 21, 2009

Amazing Grace by Danielle Steel

"In each loss there is a gain.
As in every gain there is a loss.
And with each ending comes a new beginning

It was a quote written in the book "AMAZING GRACE" by Danielle Steel. The book was given to me by my co-singer, Seri a few months back.

I just started reading the book a few days back.

I've been going through some rough times earlier this month. Well actually the whole family IS FINE. My hubby is FINE. My son is damn good playing PS2 at the age of 42months. My mum & dad is GREAT. My sisters are GOOD.

Rough i said because of the problems came one after another with my band members. To make long story short, my co-singer who's also my best friend, left the band at the last minute.

It affected our work schedule. Our performance. Our voicing. Our choreography.

And my husband decided to reshuffle everybody in the band. Reshuffle meaning change everyone, left just the 2 of us!

That's when i get sooooo depressed. Worried. Sad.
Depressed that when we are going thru a hard time, people left us.
Worried that we have no band for our confirmed booking in Concorde Hotel in October 2009 (yes, contract already signed!)
Sad that we wanna make IT HAPPEN but we failed.
Sad that all the efforts put in the band for the upcoming contract was gone.
Sad that we still have work but we have no band!

I kept silent from FB, GMAIL, YM, TWITTER.
Because i don't feel i wanna be in contact with anyone, at that moment.

Never in my singing career i felt soooo depressed. And after a week of depression mode, i started reading the book by Danielle Steel and came across the quote from Shao Lin after flipping the cover!

Somehow it motivates me soooooo much.

I've always been the type of girl who's always thinking positive. After reading a few pages (i only read before going to bed at night), i told myself that i can't go on shutting down myself from everybody (except my family).

So before going to bed that same night i read the quote, i prayed that the next morning i wake up, it'll be better for hubby and me and that i have to do something to get back on my feet!

The next morning i woke up, i started thinking what are the changes that i can do to start a new beginning.

I changed my hair color to BLACK.

I lost a lot of weight.

Hubby also scout for new members and found an old friend who used to work side-by-side with us in Concorde 6 years ago. He's a keyboardist and the best news that we get is when he told us that he and his guitarist are looking for singers. What a coincident when we are actually looking for keyboardist and a guitarist!!! THANK GOD.

We started making plans to meet at our house. To assigned them with our repertoire and to our surprise, the 2 new guys can SING and DANCE!!! Brilliant!

We worked for the first time together last week on Friday at Crystal Crown and amazingly the 2 guys are funny, friendly, eager to learn, and down to earth!

And yesterday, hubby found a female singer who is also so so much like the 2 new guys!

Today, i've got my groove back.

And furthermore, we got some great news today that our work schedule are fully booked from monday to saturday starting next week! Ye'ay! Although it'll be in different few places, we're totally fine as our plan now is to make the new 3rd generation BTRU BAND more outstanding.

p/s - apart from my work, mummy & daddy had kenduri doa selamat last Sunday at their new house. It went well although i heard that the food was not enough but everything went smoothly. I didn't attend the kenduri cos i was working at Melia Hotel every Sunday!


toughcookie said...

nina, i am so happy to know that you are okay and things are looking better than you expected.

babe, i just want you to remember that by making small changes in yourself, and keeping a positive mind will always pull something positive. this is because you sendiri tahu the depressing state i pernah lalui... once you tell yourself you are going to keep an optimistic mind, and you live your life making all things positive, trying to be happy and look at all things in a positive way, segala benda positive will come your way. there's always a blessing to something that has happened. sekarang probably, things will look even better than if what had happened did not happen, kan?

keep your chin up, girl and take care ya!

The Love Design said...

dun worry na..i've already delete yours and james contact in my FB and just be happy now k....serii.....


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