Sunday, September 14, 2008

da-vass, da-boom

Ramadhan came again! Although today is already the 14th day we puasa, this year's fasting month wasn't the same as the previous year....

I had food poisoning after buying food at the ramadhan bazaar last week on Sunday. Since we started working at Kelab Puchong United, we had the whole weekends off. On Saturday we had buka puasa at the steamboat buffet in Sunway. It was marvelous. All of us were there except for mom and dad (they came back to Malaysia on Monday, 8th September, night!). 

On Sunday we decided to buka puasa at Kanna's Curry House. It has been quite some time since i last ate rice on banana leaves. So we were there a bit early. We decided to visit the ramadhan bazaar at Section 17, since it's just nearby the restaurant. I bought tau-foo-fa and a pack of fried meehoon for my sahur. After buying, we headed back to the Curry House. Buka puasa was very satisfying.

The same night before i went to sleep, i ate the pack of meehoon that i bought at the bazaar at Section 17. It tasted weird, not spoilt but sweet. It's like eating a sugar candy but meehoon type. Hahaha... After half pack gone, i decided to stop eating. Then i ate the tau-foo-fa i bought. Again the taste so funny. Hmmm.... after a few scoops, i threw everything out.

So monday went by as usual as the normal days. We were all at home, watching tv, me busy with facebook-ing and myspace-ing. Pogi busy with editing songs. Came 6 o'clock, my stomach started to feel very very upset. I thought it's gastric, so i burped and burped and burped. Rubbed some hot oil around my tummy, but it's still painful. In fact it's getting worst. I was still fasting, trying to stop my burping. In the end, 10 minutes before buka puasa, i burped till i vomit. Dang!!!! After vomiting, i felt more uneasy. Body started to feel pain. Headache, but i still have to go to work. 

At 8:15pm, my tummy's still upset. Growling sounds started to came out! We reached at the Kelab 8:30pm and the moment i stepped in the pub, the air cond was so strong that i shivered. I ran to the CR, stayed for a moment (cos it's warm!), and told myself, how long am i gonna stay in the CR, cos in the end i have to go on stage and perform.... so i brave myself to go out from the CR, shivering, and felt very very sick. I told Seri, i felt im gonna get fever. 

..... and i DID!

Not only fever, but the next day, Tuesday, i had diarrhea and was always vomiting. At times, the two happened at the same time...

Shoot!!! .....and Tuesday is the day MOM & DAD came back home. 

Was feeling terrible but still went to see both parents in the morning. After chatting a while (cos i saw mum & dad started to have jet-lag!), we went home in the afternoon, i was getting worst, ..... took some medicine, rested on bed. Thought i'll be ok by night to go to work. I was wrong. The sickness is getting worst and terrible. I kept going to the CR. 

Suddenly the comfort room is my bestfren :D

To cut the story short, that night i still went to work, still in pain. 

I still didn't go to see doctor on Wednesday. My fever was on and off but diarrhea and vomiting was non-stop. Skipped work that night. Asked Abg Joe to replaced me, but on Thursday at 4pm is the worst when my temperature goes as high as 40 degrees celsius. I was SHIVERING, my fingernails turned blue black, i felt soooo cold. That's when i decided to go see the doctor, got an injection, and some medications. Went home and rest again. Still couldn't eat anything. Temperature went down. I felt a little ok till 12 midnight, i hit the toilet again.

On Friday, i was feeling much much better, and i went to work feeling good and THINNER!!! Ahaks...


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