Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year 2008, Happy New Born!

We had double birthday celebration on 30th December 2007 (Sunday). Celebrating Daddy's 71st Birthday and Ashraf Hazique's 1st Birthday.

Mum masak roast chicken, i made the mashed potato, Baby made the brown sauce, Big Momma didn't made anything but she bought the satay.

Dinner started at 7pm. The food was marvelicious. After makan, we had blowing cake session. I bought 2 cakes, 1 big american choc for dad and 1 small blackforest cake for Ashraf. The best part after the blowing cake was when i accidentally dropped Ashraf's cake right in front of him (on his highchair tray!). So basically i did a bit of a mess on their birthday... heehee....

The two birthday boy - DAD & ASHRAF HAZIQUE

The next day (31st December), Asu supposed to go to KJMC and masuk ward in the morning to give birth but they overslept till noon, and when they go to KJMC, the doctor send her back home cos it's too late already. She had to go back to the hospital on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

At night, it's our last night performing in Angsa Bar Kelab Shah Alam. The party went well. Right before midnight, they had a beer drinking competition. And a few other games.

The lovely friendly staff of Angsa Bar.

Pogi and me right before midnight 2008!

We finished our last night in Angsa Bar at 2am. I said farewell to all the staffs. Abg Idris (the manager) gave us the Martell Chinese horoscope cup (for display). Nice!


We supposed to start in Lakeview Club on the 1st January 2008 but every public holiday the Club will be closed so we start on Wednesday 2nd. Yippee.

On New Year's day, we had dinner in Sunway Pyramid (i just love Pyramid now!!!).

On 2nd January 2008, Asu was admitted to KJMC in the morning and by 12 noon sharp, AISYA SOFIA was born. Weighing 3.3kg and 53cm in length, she (i guess) will be the pride and joy for all in the family cos she is the first granddaughter for both DAD & MOM and also sam's parents! And looking at Aisya's face, she looked exactly like Little Guapo when he was born 2 years ago (gawd, how time flies....)

The new pangit in Fuad Family - AISYA SOFIA

So now with the new baby in Aman, the other 2 kids (Ashraf & Little Guapo) is very very jealous. I just held Aisya for a few minutes and Little Guapo cried with teary eyes and asking me to hold him!!!

Little Guapo merajuk....

Our first night in LakeView Club Subang was ok. The sound was terrible. The crowd was very responsive and friendly! Amir was there at 9pm. He was alone.

Tonight, Amir said he's coming again, this time bringing Fahmi along.

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