Saturday, November 24, 2007


That's my mum & little guapo with my dear friend Ezlynn.

I was shopping at The Curve Damansara when i bumped with Ezlynn. She was also jalan2 around The Curve with her manager. I was so surprised she still can recognize me. Even though she's a successful singer/host/actress now, she's still the same sweet girl i knew back in 2001 when we worked side-by-side in Crossroads Lounge Concorde Kuala Lumpur.

Pogi & Little Guapo masa raya 2007. Little Guapo resembles almost 99% to Pogi. I couldn't exactly tell which part of Little Guapo that resembles me? Can U?

Ni masa kt Petrosains. Konon berangan nk jadik Astronaut. Tapi jadik Astronauty! Ngahahaha....

Little Guapo playing with his remote control car given during his 1st birthday by Mama Hani.

Ni posing sebelum kuar jalan2 hari Sunday. Sunday is Family Day.

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