Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Costume Party @Angsa Bar Kelab Shah Alam

Pogi & Little Guapo as a pirate before going to Kids Halloween Party in One Utama.

Me fully dressed up before going to work 31 October 2007.

Adik, Mama & Me 31 October 2007

Pogi as Dracula

Nina taking a ride on adik's witch broom....

Had a blast during halloween party in Angsa Bar on the 31st October 2007. Though not many people/customer turned up with their costumes, but who cares... Even the staffs didn't dress-up properly!

Pogi as usual became a dracula, Farid wore a monkey mask (during 1st set only! he sweat a lot!), Zureen - playmate bunny and me - Josie & Pussycat!

The night started quite boring... but when adik & mama came (they really made a grand entrance!), with their costumes, everyone was cheering for them. Adik - as a wicked ugly witch from Timbaktu and mama - as devilwoman.

There was a competition for best costume and who else will win the best costume if it's not adik and mama! Cos they are the only customers wearing costumes. So they won a bottle of red wine! Then we just sang and sang thru the night (until 12 midnight jek), and that's it.

My son, little guapo had halloween party on 27th October 2007 in One Utama. He dressed up as a pirate, a cute one! But i didn't go cos had to work so the Lola became the guardian!

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