Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A day out in the Zoo!

Went to the zoo on Sunday 24th November 2007. The last time we went to the zoo was 10 years ago. Nothing much has changed. Always the same animals. Little Guapo really enjoyed seeing all the animals. He actually fell asleep in the car 10 mins before reaching the Zoo. He was still sleeping wen we stepped in the zoo. But wen we start seeing the giraffes and elephants, i told Pogi to wake Little Guapo up. Reason we went to the zoo is to let Little Guapo see all the wild animals. If he's sleeping, he'll missed everything. He was very-very sleepy, but wen he saw the giraffes, he just opened the eyes very wide.

Mum, Little Guapo and me with the elephants on the background! Ni Little Guapo baru bangun!

We had a stroll down ahead, and came to the Lions & Tigers plak. As usual, the tigers & lions are all sleeping. What else can they do at 3:30pm? And we were lucky to get a shot of one of the tigers doing stretching. Baru bangun lar tu!


Little Guapo & Pogi

Little Guapo & Me

It was very hot but no sun. No wind, no air! How's that? We were sweating. By the time we reached the cage of the monkeys and orang utans, we had to stop for a short rest.

There were 3 monkeys in the cage. Old, almost no bulu oredi, male (their ba**s were dangling!!!). At 1st they were all quiet sitting down. Out of a sudden, 1 of the monkey started to make their "Ooh-ooh-aah-aah" sound and ran to the door of their cage and "bang" (kick) the metal door. They were showing some amuk action! And then came the other monkey running towards the metal door and did the same thing! At that time, all the people start running to see what happened (i was the lucky one to see the action!). Little Guapo ternganga gak lar mulut dia tengok aksi-aksi 'sedara-mara' papa nyer.

Pogi, Little Guapo & Me

Lepas dah lepak resting at the Monkeys cage, we continue jalan again. Next was the camels, and some animals that i don't get their names!

We tried to look for KFC tapi like i said earlier, 10 years ago was the last time we were at the Zoo, 10 years ago KFC ada, tapi now yilek. Yang ada cuma Wild Fast Food restaurant. They served almost the same like KFC, ada chicken, nuggets, burgers, chips, mashed etc etc. The price was reasonable too. We stopped for makan, then continue jalan again, seeing the aquarium, more monkey species, pony and by the time we reached the exit, it was 10minutes to 8pm.

Masuk je kereta, Little Guapo & Pogi (who's not feeling well, having flu!), fell asleep all the way home to Aman Suria. Little Guapo took a quick shower and then nangis-nangis sebab ngantuk sangat. Masa bagi pakai diaper pun mata dah tak boleh bukak. Kesian my boy. And Pogi too. He fell asleep on the sofa masa kt Aman. So after putting Little Guapo to bed, we head home to Bayu. Took shower, watched movie and boom... tido.

Monday 26th November (yesterday) - i had lunch appointment. Had a great time at lunch! Thanks for everything and most important, thanks for your time!

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